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inherited disorder inherited disorders inherited effects of effort and the use and disuse of parts inherited emphysema inherited factors inherited form inherited from the father inherited genetic differences inherited haemophilia inherited health problems inherited human disease inherited independently inherited intelligence inherited name inherited only by males inherited polyneuropathy inherited runner inherited runners inherited status inherited tendency to pressure palsies inherited trait inherited wealth inheriting family property inhibit corrosion inhibit it inhibit phosphodiesterase inhibit platelet aggregation inhibit this enzyme inhibited desire inhibited excitation inhibited orgasm inhibited red-fuming nitric acid inhibited sexual desire inhibiting cholinesterase inhibiting effect inhibiting factors inhibiting hormones inhibitor proteins inhibitors of apoptosis inhibitory concentration inhibitory effect inhibitory interneuron inhibitory interneurons inhibitory motor neurons inhibitory neurotransmitter inhibitory post-synaptic potential inhibitory postsynaptic currents inhibitory postsynaptic potential inhibitory postsynaptic potentials inhibitory receptor inhibitory synapses inhibits the reuptake of dopamine inhomogeneous equation inhomogeneous rotation group inhomogeneously broadened inhomogenous media inhouse software inhuman and degrading treatment inhumane interrogation inhumane treatment of prisoners inhumanity of certain notorious criminal acts ini file init process initial air attack initial algebra initial algebras initial approach fix initial ascent initial assault initial assault landings initial assimilation initial attack initial capital initial charge initial condition initial conditions initial conditions of our universe initial consonant morphing initial consonant mutations initial consonant voicing initial consonants initial correct naming initial cosmological singularity initial criticality initial development phase initial enlightenment experience initial entry training initial epoch initial expansion initial fights initial invasion initial landings initial letters initial lift initial line 14 initial mass function initial mass functions initial mutation initial mutations initial object initial offer initial offering initial ordinal initial ordinal in that class initial phase initial point initial price initial program load initial public offer initial public offering initial public offering initial public offerings initial reaction force initial release initial research initial round initial salvation experience initial segment initial short margin requirement initial stability initial state initial teacher education initial teacher training initial teaching alphabet initial topologies initial topology initial training initial treatment initial undertakings initial unification initial uniformity initial value initial value formulation initial value problem initial value problem in vacuum relativity initial value problems initial values initial vector initial volume of distribution initial vowel change initial-stress-derived noun initialisation vector initialised signs initiality property initialization files initialization on demand holder idiom initialization vector initialization vectors initially formed initially goes higher initially planned initially surrendered initials for ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ initiate its anti-Semitic policies initiate legislation initiate rebellion initiating explosive initiating guru initiation ceremonies initiation ceremony initiation codon initiation factor initiation factora initiation factors initiation of transcription initiation rite initiation rites initiation rituals initiation site initiative and referendum initiative games initiative group initiative petition initiative petitions initiator caspases initiator element inject the lethal material injectable drugs injected engine injected fuel injected into a vein injected intramuscularly injected plastic injected subcutaneously injected though a vein injected with coloured dyes injecting drug use injecting drug users injecting the fetus with lethal drugs injecting water injection blow moulding injection drug injection drug use injection kicker magnets injection locked oscillator injection mold injection molded injection molded plastic injection molding injection molding machine injection molding machines injection molds injection moulded injection moulding injection moulds injection needles injection pump injection sclerotherapy injection system injection systems injection vector injection-molding technology injective cogenerator injective dimension injective dimensions injective envelope injective envelopes injective function injective functions injective group injective hull injective left modules injective map injective metric injective metric space injective metric spaces injective module injective module resolutions injective modules injective object injective objects injective resolution injective resolutions injective sheaves injectivity radius injector style injuction court order injunction generator injunction order injunctive relief injured her spine injuries of lower limb injuries of lung injuries of trunk injuries of upper limb injuries that can result from an over-fast ascent injuring his knee injurious denial of established fact injurious falsehood injury by hypodermic injection injury cover injury criteria injury management injury of trunk injury prevention injury report injury time ink and paint ink and wash painting ink blot ink blot test ink bottles ink brush ink brushes ink brushing ink cartridge ink cartridges ink flag ink holders ink jet ink jet print ink jet printer ink jet printers ink jet printing ink jet technology ink paint ink painting ink paintings ink pen ink pens ink plates ink pot ink sac ink sacs ink sketch ink sketches ink stone ink stroke ink trap ink traps ink wash ink washes ink-jet printer ink-jet printers ink-jet printing inka shomei inkhorn terms inkjet paper inkjet photo paper inkjet printer inkjet printers inkjet printhead inkjet printing inkle weaving inkless tattoo inland canal system inland climate inland delta inland ferry system inland harbor inland ice inland lake inland navigation inland oil well inland port inland ports inland salt flats inland sea inland shipping inland silversides inland town of the same name inland transportation inland waters inland waterway inland waterway system inland waterways inlay and onlay inlays and onlays inlays in woodworking inlet and outlet valves inlet cone inlet cones inlet manifold inlet ramp inlet valve inlet valves inline 3-cylinder inline 3-cylinder engines inline 4 inline 4 cylinder inline 4-cycliner inline 4-cylinder inline 5 inline 5 cylinder inline 5-cylinder inline 5-cylinder engine inline 6 inline 6 cylinder inline 6-cylinder inline 6-cylinder engine inline assembler inline assembly inline blowback inline citations inline comment inline eight cylinder engine inline element inline engine inline engines inline expansion inline figure skates inline five-cylinder engines inline four inline four cylinder inline four-cylinder inline four-cylinder engine inline four-cylinder engines inline frame inline frames inline function inline functions inline hockey inline hockey rink inline hockey rinks inline link inline linking inline motorcycle engine inline piston inline process refractometers inline racing inline replying inline rink inline roller blades inline rollerskates inline six inline six cylinder inline six engine inline six-cylinder inline six-cylinder engine inline skate inline skater inline skaters inline skates inline skating inline skating frame inline slant six inline speed skater inline speed skaters inline speed skating inline speedskater inline speedskating inline tag inline three-cylinder inline triple inline triples inline twin inline twist inline twists inloop deblocking inmate escapes inmigración ilegal inn of court inn sign innate behavior innate behaviors innate behaviour innate bisexuality innate characteristics and personal experiences innate creativity innate heat innate host defenses innate idea innate ideas innate immune defense innate immune response innate immune responses innate immune system innate immunity innate intelligence innate knowledge innate language innate linguistic structure innate nature innate nature of homosexuality innate property innate releasing mechanism innate releasing mechanisms innately bisexual inner altar inner automorphism inner automorphism group inner automorphisms inner bailey inner balance inner beauty inner being inner cabinet inner cassock inner cell mass inner cell-mass inner child inner circle inner circle railway line inner cities inner city inner city decline inner class inner classes inner coastal ranges inner coat inner converse inner cordon inner core inner cover inner derivative inner dialogue inner ear inner ear disease inner ears inner enamel epithelium inner forms inner function inner growth inner hair cells inner harbour ferry services inner hollow inner imagery inner join inner light inner line inner line permits inner loop inner loop power control inner loops inner lower arm inner matrix inner medullary collecting duct inner medullary collecting ducts inner membrane inner mitochondrial membrane inner model inner model theory inner models inner monologues inner moons inner nature inner north inner northern inner nuclear layer inner nuclear layers inner order inner party democracy inner peace inner planes inner planet inner planets inner plexiform inner plexiform layer inner point inner product inner product on the ring of complex-valued class functions inner product space inner product spaces inner products inner rason inner regular inner regular measure inner respiration inner ring inner ring gear inner ring road inner ring road, inner ring-road inner root sheath inner salt inner sanctuary inner sanctum inner satellite inner satellites inner self inner sense inner senses inner shell ionisation inner skeleton inner solar system inner space inner speech inner sphere electron transfer inner strength inner suburb inner suburban inner suburbs inner table of skull inner thetans inner transition element inner tube inner tube water polo inner tubes inner tubing inner voice inner voices inner wall inner ward inner west inner western inner western suburbs inner workings inner world inner worlds inner worlds of spirit inner-German border inner-city areas inner-city blight inner-city light rail extension inner-city parishes inner-city shopping centre inner-city suburb inner-ear hair cells inner-product norms inner-product space inner-product spaces inner-shell electrons inner-sphere electron transfer inner-west railway line inner-western suburb innermost finger innermost intercostal muscle innermost moon innermost planet innermost satellite innermost tree reduction innervation ratio inning pitched innings analysis innings defeat innings defeats innings figures innings is declared closed innings pitched innings victories innings victory innings win innocent diplomat innocent dissemination innocent misrepresentation innocent owner defense innocent passage innocent schoolgirls innocent spouse innocent starter innocent teenage girl innocent until proven guilty innocent world innominate artery innominate bone innominate cardiac veins innominate fascia innominate trunk innominate vein innominate veins innovation (eco)systems innovation capitalist innovation communication innovation company innovation diffusion innovation economies innovation journalism innovation knowledge innovation management innovation process innovation strategies innovation system innovation system theory innovation systems innovation technologies innovative bridge innovative capacity innovative defense innovative design innovative fiction innovative martial art innovator drug innovators of many architecture designs inns of court innuendos of non-surfing uses innumerable related texts inoculating loop inoculation and vaccination inoculation loop inode number inopportune naming inorganic acids inorganic carbon inorganic chemical inorganic chemical nomenclature inorganic chemical reaction inorganic chemicals inorganic chemist inorganic chemistry inorganic chemists inorganic compound inorganic compounds inorganic diphosphatase inorganic fungicides inorganic growth inorganic lead compounds inorganic life inorganic main group polymers inorganic matter inorganic mercury fungicides inorganic nanotubes inorganic nomenclature inorganic ones inorganic origin of petroleum inorganic phosphate inorganic phosphorus inorganic polymer inorganic polymers inorganic pyrophosphatase inorganic reactants inorganic reaction inorganic reactions inorganic salts inorganic search inorganic solids inorganic solvents inorganic substances inorganic synthesis inosamine-phosphate amidinotransferase inosinate nucleosidase inosine 5'-phosphate inosine kinase inosine monophosphate inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase inosine monophosphate synthase inosine nucleosidase inosinic acid inositol 1,4,5 triphosphate inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate inositol 1-methyltransferase inositol 2-dehydrogenase inositol 3-a-galactosyltransferase inositol 3-kinase inositol 3-methyltransferase inositol 4-methyltransferase inositol hexanicotinate inositol hexaphosphate inositol metabolism inositol monophosphatase inositol monophosphate inositol nicotinate inositol oxygenase inositol pentakisphosphate inositol phosphate inositol phosphate metabolism inositol phosphates inositol triphosphate inositol triphosphate receptor inositol trisphosphate inositol-hexakisphosphate kinase inositol-phosphate phosphatase inositol-phospholipid signaling pathway inositol-polyphosphate 5-phosphatase inositol-polyphosphate multikinase inositol-tetrakisphosphate 1-kinase inositol-tetrakisphosphate 5-kinase inositol-trisphosphate 3-kinase inotropic agents inotropic drug inotropic state inpatient and outpatient inpatient or outpatient inpatient rehabilitation inpatient rehabilitation facilities inprocess materials input - output devices input alphabet input and output input capture input data input demand curves input device input devices input enhancement input file input focus input impedance input impedances input lag input length input masks input method input method editor input method editors input methods input parser input pins input pipe input places input ports input processes input registers input resistance input shaft input shafts input shaping input signal input size input substitution input symbols input system input tape input to state stability input validation input-intensive farming input-output analysis input-output economics input-output matrix input-output model input-output models input-output table inquiline snailfish inquiry based instruction inquiry based learning inquiry based science inquiry board inquiry education inquiry learning inquiry method inquiry notice inquiry-based instruction inquiry-based learning inquiry-based science inquisition post mortem inquisitional system inquisitor general inquisitorial co-conspirator inquisitorial method inquisitorial process inquisitorial system inquisitorial systems inquisitorial tribunal inquisitors for heresy inrush current inrush current limiter insalata di mare insane asylum insane asylums insane biography insane delusion insanity defence insanity defences insanity defense insanity plea inscribed angle inscribed angles inscribed as emblem on his white pouch inscribed circle inscribed sphere inscribed stone inscription grids inscription stones inscriptional capitals inscriptional lettering inscriptions of rectus abdominis muscle inscriptions on bones and tortoise shells inscriptions on oracle bones inscrutability of reference insect antenna insect antennae insect biology insect bite insect bites insect bites and stings insect borne diseases insect cell insect collecting insect collections insect collector insect collectors insect colonies insect control insect defensins insect eaters insect ecology insect evolution insect fetish insect fighting insect flight insect growth regulator insect infestation insect iridescent virus insect larvae insect molting insect nervous system insect pathogens insect pest insect physiology insect pollination insect protein insect queen insect repellants insect repellent insect repellents insect social behavior insect stings insect traps insect venoms insect virus insect wings insect-borne diseases insect-eating animal insect-eating bats insectary plants insecticidal soap insecticidal soaps insecticide resistance insecticide spray insectivorous bird insectivorous plant insectivorous plants insects as a timeline insects bruised in water insects of corpses insecure networks insei system insensitive explosives insensitive munitions inseparable covering inseparable differential equation inseparable extensions inseparable isogeny insert coins insert keys insert mode insert month insert poster insert shot insert shots inserted by helicopter inserted into the movie in reverse inserting no gaps inserting objects into the urethra inserting the gene insertion device insertion devices insertion fantasy insertion force insertion loss insertion mutations insertion of insertion of a glass bottle insertion of irregular forces insertion reaction insertion reactions insertion sequence insertion sequences insertion sort insertion time insertional activity insertional mutagenesis insertional mutagensis inshore minesweepers inside barrels studded with spikes inside baseball inside buying inside calipers inside cells inside centre inside contracting inside contractor inside craddle inside cradle inside cylinders inside directors inside english inside forward inside forwards inside front row inside game inside information inside job inside jobs inside joke inside jokes inside left inside linebacker inside linebackers inside liver inside man inside of trees inside plant inside reference inside reverse fold inside right inside straight inside straight draw inside the beltway inside the country inside the firewall inside the park inside the park grand slam inside the park home run inside trading inside water inside water shot inside wing inside wiring inside your heart inside-forward or centre-forward inside-outside algorithm inside-the-park home run inside-the-park home runs inside-the-park homer inside-the-park homers insider attacks insider dealing insider information insider knowledge insider traders insider trades insider trading insider trading scandal insider trading using material non-public information insider-outsider theory of employment insidious flower bug insight meditation insight phenomenology insignia of rank insilico modeling insincere voting insinööri insinööri insitutional review board insoluble fiber insolvency law insolvency practice insolvency practitioner insolvency practitioners insolvent liquidation inspect welds inspected vessels inspecteur du travail inspecting and rating inspection cars inspection drill inspection du travail inspection locomotive inspection of the party inspection phase inspection role inspection stations inspection tests inspector general inspector generals inspector of mines inspector of police inspector of schools inspector of taxes inspector scholae inspector window inspectorate general inspectorate general of the national police inspectorate general of the services inspirational fiction inspirational music inspirational songs inspirational speaker inspirations behind inspiratory activity inspiratory center inspiratory gasp inspiratory pressure inspiratory reserve volume inspiratory time inspired collaboration inspired the beat inspired through eating yellow honey instability index instability of joint instability strip install disc install program installable file system installation art installation artist installation artists installation ceremony installation disk installation media installation piece installation problem installation program installation sound installation system installative working installed base installed capacity installed in a car installment buying installment credit installment plan installment plans installment sale installs itself instance data instance dungeon instance dungeons instance method instance methods instance variable instance variables instance-based learning instance-based programming instanced dungeon instanced dungeons instanced zone instanced zones instances of any class instant breakfasts instant cafe records instant camera instant cameras instant chat instant check system instant coffee instant cold packs instant desserts instant film instant food instant foods instant game instant hit instant image camera instant justice system instant khichdi instant mashed potato instant mashed potatoes instant message instant messages instant messaging instant messaging applications instant messaging chats instant messaging client instant messaging clients instant messaging programs instant messaging service instant messaging session instant messaging spam instant messenger instant messengers instant messenging instant noodle instant noodles instant oatmeal instant on instant or "cube" soups instant photography instant potato flakes instant private networking instant ramen instant replay instant replays instant rice instant run-off voting instant runoff instant runoff voting instant starch instant start instant tickets instant win instant-messaging clients instant-picture camera instant-picture cameras instant-runoff voting instant-runoff voting instantaneous code instantaneous current instantaneous description instantaneous dipole instantaneous frequency instantaneous interest rate instantaneous phase instantaneous state of a quantum system instantaneous transportation device instantaneous utility function instantaneous water heaters instantaneous-dipole induced-dipole attraction instantaneous-dipole induced-dipole attractions instantaneously trained neural network instante mense instantiation of a variable instantiation of template instantiation principle instantly heal physical injuries instantly sag instantly transport instanton homology instanton number instar larvae instead of being extinguished instep protector instigate a fight instigate a mutiny instigations to racial hatred instillation abortion instinctive behavior instinctive behaviors instinctive drift instinctual theory institute for plant research institute of consecrated life institute of education institute of petroleum management-GSPC institute of technology institutes of consecrated life institutes of religion institutes of technology instituting civil marriage institution for women institution of higher education institution of higher education for women institution of higher learning institution of slavery institution or entity institutional act institutional affiliation institutional analysis institutional arrangements institutional art institutional base institutional bias institutional capitalism institutional catering institutional charisma institutional clients institutional corruption institutional critique institutional cruelty institutional culture institutional demand institutional development institutional dichotomy institutional economics institutional economist institutional ethnography institutional evolution institutional facts institutional investor institutional investors institutional knowledge institutional learning institutional management institutional memory institutional model theory institutional pedagogy institutional pederasty institutional psychotherapeutic institutional psychotherapy institutional racism institutional religion institutional repositories institutional repository institutional research institutional researchers institutional researches institutional review board institutional review boards institutional revolution institutional structure institutional structures institutional subscribers institutional theory institutional theory of art institutionalised racism institutionalism in law institutionalist political economy institutionalization of religion institutionalized discrimination institutionalized racism institutionalized violence institutionally racist institutionally suspected institutions of higher education institutions of higher learning institutions of the institutions were located institutions which offer centralised services instro rock instructing the jury instruction address instruction booklet instruction bus instruction cache instruction code instruction cycle instruction cycles instruction decode instruction fetch instruction fetches instruction format instruction intrinsics instruction level parallelism instruction manual instruction manuals instruction of gifted students instruction per cycle instruction per machine cycle instruction pipeline instruction pipelines instruction pipelining instruction pointer instruction prefetch instruction prefetching instruction register instruction registers instruction scheduling instruction selection instruction sequencer instruction set instruction set architecture instruction set architectures instruction set simulator instruction set simulator instruction sets instruction step instruction trace instruction-level parallelism instructional aids instructional capital instructional computing instructional curriculum instructional design instructional design coordinator instructional designer instructional designers instructional letters instructional media instructional methods instructional psychology instructional scaffolding instructional systems design instructional technologies instructional technology instructional television instructional theory instructions are read to a locomotive engineer instructions execution instructions given to a jury instructions per clock instructions per cycle instructions per second instructions to the jury instructive case instructor of nursing instructor of self defence against people armed with bananas instructor pilot instructor rank instrument amplifier instrument amplifiers instrument and vocal samples instrument approach instrument approach procedure instrument approaches instrument approachs instrument builder instrument checks instrument cluster instrument composed of glass vessels instrument conditions instrument control instrument destruction instrument error instrument flight instrument flight ratings instrument flight rule instrument flight rules instrument flight rules instrument flying instrument flying rules instrument flying techniques instrument for measuring instrument glitches instrument landing instrument landing system instrument landing systems instrument made from a ram's horn instrument maker instrument maker & astronomer instrument makers instrument meteorological conditions instrument of accession instrument of authorization instrument of surrender instrument of the violin family instrument panels instrument pickups instrument rated instrument rating instrument ratings instrument time instrument trainer instrument training instrument training course instrument varnish instrumental accompaniment instrumental action instrumental albums instrumental break instrumental case instrumental cases instrumental composition instrumental conditioning instrumental ensemble instrumental ensembles instrumental fill passages instrumental hip hop instrumental hip hop album instrumental hip-hop instrumental hiphop instrumental interaction instrumental mambo instrumental music instrumental part instrumental pop instrumental rationality instrumental record instrumental refrain instrumental rock instrumental score instrumental sign instrumental solo instrumental surf instrumental temperature record instrumental texture instrumental theory of value instrumental track instrumental tracks instrumental tune instrumental tunings instrumental value instrumental variable instrumental variables instrumental version instrumental versions instrumental works instrumentalist interpretations instrumentation & control engineering instrumentation amplifier instrumentation amplifiers instrumentation engineering instrumentation ships instruments inventor instruments of government instruments of production instruments of unity insubordinate behavior insufficiency of aortic valve insufficient absorption insufficient evidence insufficient funds insufficient material insufficient rainfall insufficient reason insular area insular areas insular birddrop insular cortex insular cortices insular dwarfism insular g insular gigantism insular hand insular horseshoe bat insular majuscule