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User:ObsequiousNewt/LSJ Archive Index

Here is an index of documents—on the Internet Archive where possible, for the sake of consistency—both original and translations, for Ancient Greek texts cited in LSJ.

By authorEdit

Abydenus: FHG iv p. 279
Aceratus: Anthologia Graeca
Acesander: FHG iv p. 285
Achaeus: TGF p. 746
Achilles Tatius: ESG i p. 37
Adaeus: Anthologia Graeca
Aelianus: EG p. 17
Aemilianus: Anthologia Graeca
Aeneas Gazaeus: EG p. 24
Aeschrio: PLG ii p. 516
Aeschylus Alexandrinus: TGF p. 824
Aeschylus: PLG ii p. 240
Aeschylus: TGF p. 3
Aesopus: CPG ii p. 228
Aethlius: FHG iv p. 287
Agaclytus: FHG iv p. 288
Agatharchides: FHG iii p. 190
Agatharchides: GGM i p. 111
Agathemerus: GGM ii p. 471
Agathias: Anthologia Graeca
Agathias: HGM ii p. 132
Agathocles: FHG iv p. 288
Agatho: TGF p. 763
Agis: Anthologia Graeca
Alcaeus Messenius: Anthologia Graeca
Alcaeus: PLG iii p. 147
Alcaeus: SC p. 7
Alcaeus: SL p. 10
Alcmaeon: FdV p. 131
Alcman: PLG iii p. 14
Alexander Aphrodisiensis: CAG i-iii
Alexander Polyhistor: FHG iii p. 206
Alexander: RG iii p. 7
Alpheus: Anthologia Graeca
Amipsias: SC p. 7
Ammianus: Anthologia Graeca
Ammonius: Anthologia Graeca
Ammonius: CAG iv parts 3-6
Anacharsis: EG p. 102
Anacreon: PLG iii p. 253
Anacreontea: PLG iii p. 296
Ananius: PLG ii p. 501
Anaxagoras: FdV p. 375
Anaxandrides: FHG iii p. 106
Anaxarchus: FdV p. 144
Anaximander: FdV p. 14
Anaximenes: FdV p. 22
Andronicus: Anthologia Graeca
Andronicus Rhodius: FPG iii p. 570
Androtion: FHG i p. 371
Anonymus: CAG xx, xxi part 2, xxiii parts 2,4
Anonymus: GGM ii p. 494
Anonymus: RG iii p. 110
Anonymus: RG iii p. 171
Anonymus: RG iii p. 207
Antenor: FHG iv p. 305
Antimachus Colophonius: EGF p. 273
Antimachus Colophonius: PLG ii p. 289
Antiochus: Anthologia Graeca
Antiochus: FHG i p. 181
Antipater Sidonius: Anthologia Graeca
Antipater Tarsenis: SVF iii p. 244
Antipater Thessalonicensis: Anthologia Graeca
Antiphanes Macedo: Anthologia Graeca
Antiphanes Megalopolitanus: Anthologia Graeca
Antiphanes: SC p. 8
Antiphilus: Anthologia Graeca
Antipho Sophista: FdV p. 289
Antipho: TGF p. 792
Antistius: Anthologia Graeca
Antonius Argivus: Anthologia Graeca
Antonius Diogenes: ESG i p. 231
Anyte: Anthologia Graeca
Aphthonius: RG ii p. 19
Apollinarius: Anthologia Graeca
Apollodorus Carystius: SC p. 8
Apollodorus: FHG i p. 428
Apollodorus: PLG iii p. 378
Apollodorus Seleuciensis: SVF iii p. 259
Apollonides: Anthologia Graeca
Apollonides: TGF p. 825
Apollophanes: SVF i p. 90
Apostolius: CPG ii p. 233
Apsines: RG i2 p. 217
Arabius: Anthologia Graeca
Arcesilaus: SC p. 10
Archedemus Tarsensis: SVF iii p. 262
Archemachus: FHG iv p. 314
Archias: Anthologia Graeca
Archias Junior: Anthologia Graeca
Archilochus: PLG ii p. 383
Archilochus: SL p. 4
Archimelus: Anthologia Graeca
Archippus: SC p. 10
Archytas Tarentinus: FdV p. 322
Aretaeus: CMG ii, 1923
Arion: PLG iii p. 79
Ariphron: PLG iii p. 595
Aristaenetus: EG p. 133
Aristagoras: FHG ii p. 98
Aristarchus: TGF p. 728
Aristeas: EGF p. 243
Aristias: TGF p. 726
Aristides Milesius: FHG iv p. 320
Aristides: RG ii p. 457
Aristippus: FPG ii p. 405
Aristo: Anthologia Graeca
Aristo Chius: SVF i p. 75
Aristocles: FHG iv p. 329
Aristocles: FPG iii p. 206
Aristodemus: FHG iii p. 307
Aristodicus: Anthologia Graeca
Aristophanes Boeotus: FHG iv p. 337
Aristophanes: SC p. 11
Aristoteles: EG p. 170
Aristoxenus: FHG ii p. 269
Arrianus: FHG iii p. 586
Artemidorus Tarsensis: Anthologia Graeca
Artemo: Anthologia Graeca
Artemones: FHG iv p. 340
Arusanius Messius: GL vii p. 437
Asclepiades: Anthologia Graeca
Asclepiades Myrleanus: FHG iii p. 298
Asclepius: CAG vi part 2
Asius: PLG ii p. 406
Aspasius: CAG xix part 1
Astydamas: PLG ii p. 326
Astydamas: TGF p. 777
Athanis: FHG ii p. 81
Athenaeus: Anthologia Graeca
Athenodorus Tarsensis: FHG iii p. 485
Atilius Fortunatianus: GL vi p. 278
Automedon: Anthologia Graeca
Barbucallos: Anthologia Graeca
Bassus, Lollius: Anthologia Graeca
Bato Sinopensis: FHG iv p. 347
Berosus: FHG ii p. 495
Besantinus: Anthologia Graeca
Bianor: Anthologia Graeca
Bias: PLG iii p. 199
Biotus: TGF p. 825
Blaesus: CGF p. 191
Boethus: Anthologia Graeca
Boethus Sidonius: SVF iii p. 265
Brutus: EG p. 177
Callias: Anthologia Graeca
Callias: FHG ii p. 382
Callias: SC p. 27
Callicter: Anthologia Graeca
Callinus: PLG ii p. 3
Callistratus: FHG iv p. 353
Callixinus: FHG iii p. 55
Candidus: HGM i p. 441
Cantharus: SC p. 28
Carcinus: TGF p. 797
Carmina Popularia: PLG iii p. 654
Carphyllides: Anthologia Graeca
Carystius: FHG iv p. 356
Castorio: PLG iii p. 634
Cephalio: FHG iii p. 625
Cerealius: Anthologia Graeca
Chaeremon: FHG iii p. 495
Chaeremon: TGF p. 781
Charax: FHG iii p. 636
Charax: FHG iv p. 669
Chares: TGF p. 826
Charisius: GL i p. 1
Charito: ESG ii p. 3
Charon: FHG i p. 32
Charon: FHG iv p. 627
Chilo: PLG iii p. 199
Chio: EG p. 194
Choerilus: EGF p. 265
Choerilus: TGF p. 719
Choeroboscus: RG iii p. 244
Chrysippus: SVF ii,iii p. 1
Claudianus: Anthologia Graeca
Claudius Iolaus: FHG iv p. 362
Cleaenetus: TGF p. 807
Cleanthes: SVF i p. 103
Clearchus: FHG ii p. 302
Cleobulina: PLG ii p. 62
Cleobulus: PLG iii p. 201
Cleon Siculus: PLG ii p. 363
Cleostratus: PPF p. 19
Clidemus: FHG i p. 359
Clitopho: FHG iv p. 367
Clytus: FHG ii p. 333
Comica Adespota: SC p. 89
Corinna: PLG iii p. 543
Corinna: SL p. 48
Cornelius Longus: Anthologia Graeca
Cornutus: RG i2 p. 352
Crantor: FPG iii p. 131
Craterus: FHG ii p. 617
Crates: FHG iv p. 369
Crates: SC p. 29
Crates Thebanus: EG p. 199
Crates Thebanus: PPF p. 207
Cratinus: SC p. 30
Creon: FHG iv p. 371
Crinagoras: Anthologia Graeca
Crinis: SVF iii p. 268
Critias: FdV p. 308
Crito: FHG iv p. 373
Cydias: PLG iii p. 564
Cyllenius: Anthologia Graeca
Cyrillus: Anthologia Graeca
Cyrus, Flavius: Anthologia Graeca
Daimachus: FHG ii p. 440
Damagetus: Anthologia Graeca
Damocharis: Anthologia Graeca
Damocritus: FHG iv p. 377
Damon: FHG iv p. 377
Damostratus: Anthologia Graeca
David: CAG xviii part 2
Deiochus: FHG ii p. 17
Demades: OA ii p. 312
Demetrius Phalereus: FHG ii p. 362
Demetrius Troezenius: PPF p. 224
Demochares: FHG ii p. 445
Democritus: Anthologia Graeca
Democritus Ephesius: FHG iv p. 383
Democritus: FdV p. 10
Demodocus: PLG ii p. 65
Demon: FHG i p. 378
Demon: FHG iv p. 626
Demon: FHG iv p. 646
Demophilus: FPG i p. 485
Dercylus: FHG iv p. 386
Dexippus: CAG iv part 2
Dexippus: HGM i p. 165
Diagoras: PLG iii p. 562
Dialexeis: FdV p. 334
Dicaearchus: FHG ii p. 225
Dicaearchus: GGM i p. 97
Dicaeogenes: TGF p. 775
Dieuchidas: FHG iv p. 388
Dinarchus: OA ii p. 321
Dinias: FHG iii p. 24
Dinolochus: CGF p. 149
Dinon: FHG ii p. 88
Diocles: Anthologia Graeca
Diocles: SC p. 39
Diodorus: Anthologia Graeca
Diodorus Atheniensis: FHG ii p. 353
Diodorus Tarsensis: Anthologia Graeca
Diogenes Apolloniates: FdV p. 416
Diogenes Atheniensis: TGF p. 776
Diogenes Babylonius: SVF iii p. 210
Diogenes Cynicus: EG p. 235
Diogenes Cynicus: FPG ii p. 229
Diogenes Laertius: Anthologia Graeca
Diogenes Sinopensis: TGF p. 807
Diogenianus: CPG ii p. 1
Diogenianus: CPG i p. 177
Diomedes: GL i p. 299
Dionysius: Anthologia Graeca
Dionysius Calliphontis filius: GGM i p. 238
Dionysius Chalcus: PLG ii p. 262
Dionysius Heracleota: SVF i p. 93
Dionysius Minor: PLG ii p. 324
Dionysius Periegeta: GGM ii p. 102
Dionysius: TGF p. 793
Diophanes: Anthologia Graeca
Dioscorides: Anthologia Graeca
Dioscorides: FHG ii p. 192
Diotimus: Anthologia Graeca
Diphilus: SC p. 40
Diyllus: FHG iii p. 198
Diyllus: FHG ii p. 360
Donatus, Aelius: GL iv p. 353
Dosiadas: Anthologia Graeca
Dosiades: FHG iv p. 399
Dositheus: GL vii p. 363
Duris: Anthologia Graeca
Duris: FHG ii p. 466
Elias: CAG xviii part 1
Empedocles: PPF p. 74
Ephorus: FHG i p. 234
Ephorus: FHG iv p. 626
Ephorus: FHG iv p. 641
Epicharmus: CGF p. 88
Epigonus: Anthologia Graeca
Epilycus: SC p. 40
Epimenides: FdV p. 185
Eratosthenes Scholasticus: Anthologia Graeca
Erinna: PLG iii p. 141
Erycius: Anthologia Graeca
Etruscus: Anthologia Graeca
Eubulus: SC p. 40
Eucrates: FHG iv p. 407
Eudemus: FPG iii p. 222
Eugaeon: FHG ii p. 16
Eugaeon: FHG iv p. 653
Eugenes: Anthologia Graeca
Eumelus: EGF p. 185
Eunapius: HGM i p. 205
Euodus: Anthologia Graeca
Euphorio: FHG iii p. 71
Eupithius: Anthologia Graeca
Eupolis: SC p. 41
Euripides: EG p. 275
Euripides: PLG ii p. 265
Euripides: TGF p. 363
Euryphamus: FPG ii p. 15
Eusebius: HGM i p. 201
Eusebius Myndius: FPG iii p. 7
Eustathius Epiphaniensis: HGM i p. 354
Eustratius: CAG xxi part 1
Eustratius: CAG xx, xix part 2
Eutolmius: Anthologia Graeca
Eutychianus: HGM i p. 365
Evenus: PLG ii p. 269
Favorinus: FHG iii p. 577
Gabrielius: Anthologia Graeca
Gaetulicus, Cn. Lentulus: Anthologia Graeca
Galenus: CMG v, 1918- and others (but see CMG below.)
Gallus: Anthologia Graeca
Gauradas: Anthologia Graeca
Germanicus Caesar: Anthologia Graeca
Glaucus Atheniensis: Anthologia Graeca
Glaucus Nicopolitanus: Anthologia Graeca
Gorgias: FdV p. 235
Gorgon: FHG iv p. 410
Gregorius Corinthius: RG iii p. 215
Gregorius Cyprius: CPG ii p. 53
Gregorius Cyprius: CPG i p. 349
Hadrianus Imperator: Anthologia Graeca
Hanno: GGM i p. 1
Harmodius: FHG iv p. 411
Hecataeus Abderita: FHG ii p. 384
Hedylus: Anthologia Graeca
Hegesander: FHG iv p. 412
Hegesippus: Anthologia Graeca
Heliodorus: FHG iv p. 425
Helladius: Anthologia Graeca
Heraclides Cumaeus: FHG ii p. 95
Heraclides Lembus: FHG iii p. 167
Heraclides Ponticus: FHG ii p. 197
Heraclides Sinopensis: Anthologia Graeca
Heraclitus: Anthologia Graeca
Heraclitus: EG p. 409
Heraclitus: FdV p. 67
Herillus Carthaginiensis: SVF i p. 91
Hermias: FHG ii p. 80
Hermippus: FHG iii p. 35
Hermippus: PLG ii p. 505
Hermippus: SC p. 53
Hermocreon: Anthologia Graeca
Hermodorus: Anthologia Graeca
Herodianus: RG iii p. 83
Hesychius Milesius: FHG iv p. 143
Hierocles Platonicus: FPG i p. 408
Hieronymus Cardianus: FHG ii p. 450
Hippagoras: FHG iv p. 430
Hipparchus: FPG ii p. 16
Hippias Eleus: FdV p. 282
Hippias Erythraeus: FHG iv p. 431
Hipponax: PLG ii p. 460
Hippon: FdV p. 288
Hippothoon: TGF p. 827
Hippys: FHG ii p. 12
Honestus: Anthologia Graeca
Iamblichus: ESG i p. 217
Ibycus: PLG iii p. 235
Idomeneus: FHG ii p. 489
Ion Chius: FHG ii p. 44
Ion Chius: PLG ii p. 255
Ion Chius: TGF p. 732
Iophon: TGF p. 761
Irenaeus: Anthologia Graeca
Isidorus Aegeates: Anthologia Graeca
Isidorus Characenus: GGM i p. 244
Isidorus Scholasticus: Anthologia Graeca
Isidorus: TGF p. 829
Isigonus: FHG iv p. 435
Ister: FHG i p. 409
Juba, Rex Mauretaniae: FHG iii p. 465
Julianus Aegyptius: Anthologia Graeca
Laco: Anthologia Graeca
Lamprocles: PLG iii p. 554
Lasus: PLG iii p. 376
Leonidas Alexandrinus: Anthologia Graeca
Leonidas: Anthologia Graeca
Leontius: Anthologia Graeca
Leo Philosophus: Anthologia Graeca
Leucippus: FdV p. 1
Licymnius: PLG iii p. 598
Lollius Bassus: Anthologia Graeca
Longinus: RG i2 p. 213
Longus: ESG i p. 239
Lucillius: Anthologia Graeca
Lycophronides: PLG iii p. 633
Lycophron: TGF p. 817
Lycurgus: OA ii p. 258
Lycus: FHG ii p. 370
Lyrica Adespota: PLG iii p. 689
Lysias: OA ii p. 170
Lysimachides: FHG iii p. 340
Lysimachus: FHG iii p. 334
Macarius: CPG ii p. 135
Macedonius: Anthologia Graeca
Macedonius Thessalonicensis: Anthologia Graeca
Macrobius: GL v p. 595
Maecius: Anthologia Graeca
Magnes: SC p. 54
Magnus: Anthologia Graeca
Magnus: HGM i p. 365
Malchus: HGM i p. 383
Mamercus: PLG ii p. 325
Manetho: FHG ii p. 511
Mantissa Proverbiorum: CPG ii p. 745
Marcianus: GGM i p. 515
Marcus Argentarius: Anthologia Graeca
Marianus: Anthologia Graeca
Marius Victorinus: GL vi p. 1
Megasthenes: FHG ii p. 397
Melanippides: PLG iii p. 589
Melanthius: FHG iv p. 444
Melanthius: TGF p. 760
Meleager: Anthologia Graeca
Melissus: FdV p. 176
Memnon: FHG iii p. 525
Menander Ephesius: FHG iv p. 445
Menander Protector: #HGM ii p. 1
Menander: RG iii p. 329
Menander: SC p. 54
Menecles Barcaeus: FHG iv p. 448
Menecrates Ephesius: PPF p. 171
Menecrates: SC p. 63
Menecrates Xanthius: FHG ii p. 343
Menesthenes: FHG iv p. 451
Menetor: FHG iv p. 452
Menippus: EG p. 400
Menodotus Samius: FHG iii p. 103
Metrodorus: Anthologia Graeca
Metrodorus Chius: FdV p. 140
Metrodorus Scepsius: FHG iii p. 203
Michael Ephesius: CAG xx, xxii parts 1-3
Michaelius: Anthologia Graeca
Mimnermus: PLG ii p. 25
Mimnermus: TGF p. 829
Minucianus: RG i2 p. 340
Mithradates: EG p. 177
Mnasalcas: Anthologia Graeca
Mnaseas: FHG iii p. 149
Molpis: FHG iv p. 453
Moschio: TGF p. 812
Mucius Scaevola: Anthologia Graeca
Mundus Munatius: Anthologia Graeca
Musaeus: FdV p. 179
Musicius: Anthologia Graeca
Musionius: EG p. 401
Myrinus: Anthologia Graeca
Myro: FHG iv p. 460
Myrsilus: FHG iv p. 455
Nausicrates: SC p. 64
Nausiphanes: FdV p. 155
Neanthes: FHG iii p. 2
Neophron: TGF p. 729
Nessas: FdV p. 140
Nestor: Anthologia Graeca
Nicarchus: Anthologia Graeca
Nicias: Anthologia Graeca
Nicochares: SC p. 64
Nicocles: FHG iv p. 464
Nicodemus: Anthologia Graeca
Nicolaus Damascenus: HGM i p. 1
Nicomachus: TGF p. 762
Nicostratus: SC p. 66
Nossis: Anthologia Graeca
Numenius Apamensis: FPG iii p. 153
Nymphis: FHG iii p. 12
Nymphodorus: FHG ii p. 375
Ocellus Lucanus: FPG i p. 383
Olympiodorus: CAG xii parts 1-2
Olympioidorus: HGM i p. 450
Palladas: Anthologia Graeca
Pamphila: FHG iii p. 520
Pamphilus: Anthologia Graeca
Pancrates: Anthologia Graeca
Panyasis: EGF p. 253
Parmenides: PPF p. 48
Parmenio: Anthologia Graeca
Parmeno: Anthologia Graeca
Parrhasius: PLG ii p. 320
Patrocles Thurius: TGF p. 830
Paulus Aegineta: CMG ix, I-IV V-VIII
Paulus Silentiarius: Anthologia Graeca
Pausanias Damascenus: HGM i p. 154
Periplus Maris Rubri: GGM i p. 257
Persaeus Citieus: FHG ii p. 623
Persaeus Citieus: SVF i p. 96
Perses: Anthologia Graeca
Petrus Patricius: HGM i p. 425
Phaedimus: Anthologia Graeca
Phaënnus: Anthologia Graeca
Phalaecus: Anthologia Graeca
Phalaris: EG p. 49
Phanias: Anthologia Graeca
Phanias: FHG ii p. 293
Phanodemus: FHG i p. 366
Pherecrates: SC p. 66
Pherecydes Syrius: FdV p. 198
Philemo: SC p. 71
Philetaerus: SC p. 72
Philippus: Anthologia Graeca
Philiscus: TGF p. 819
Philistus: FHG i p. 185
Philistus: FHG iv p. 625
Philistus: FHG iv p. 639
Phillis: FHG iv p. 476
Philo Byblius: FHG iii p. 560
Philochorus: FHG i p. 385
Philochorus: FHG iv p. 646
Philocles: TGF p. 759
Philodemus Gadarensis: Anthologia Graeca
Philolaus: FdV p. 301
Philomnestus: FHG iv p. 477
Philonides: SC p. 73
Philoponus, Joannes: CAG xiii-xvii
Philostephanus: FHG iii p. 28
Philoxenus: Anthologia Graeca
Philoxenus: PLG iii p. 601
Philyllius: SC p. 73
Phlegon Trallianus: FHG iii p. 602
Phocylides: PLG ii p. 68
Phoebammon: RG iii p. 41
Phrynichus: PLG iii p. 561
Phrynichus: SC p. 74
Phrynichus: TGF p. 720
Phylarchus: FHG i p. 334
Phylarchus: FHG iv p. 645
Pindarus: SL p. 52
Pisander: EGF p. 248
Pittacus: PLG iii p. 198
Plato Junior: Anthologia Graeca
Platonius: CGF p. 3
Plato: PLG ii p. 295
Plato: SC p. 76
Plutarchus: CPG i p. 321
Polemo: FHG iii p. 108
Pollianus: Anthologia Graeca
Polyaenus, Julius: Anthologia Graeca
Polybius Sardianus: RG iii p. 105
Polycharmus: FHG iv p. 479
Polyclitus: FdV p. 294
Polycrates: FHG iv p. 480
Polystratus: Anthologia Graeca
Polyzelus: SC p. 82
Pompeius: Anthologia Graeca
Pompeius Macer: TGF p. 830
Porphyrius Tyrius: CAG iv part 1
Posidippus: Anthologia Graeca
Posidonius: FHG iii p. 245
Pratinas: PLG iii p. 557
Pratinas: TGF p. 726
Praxagoras: HGM i p. 438
Praxilla: PLG iii p. 566
Priscianus: GL ii-iii
Priscus: HGM i p. 275
Procopius Gazaeus: EG p. 533
Prodicus: FdV p. 267
Promathidas: FHG iii p. 201
Protagoras: FdV p. 219
Protagoridas: FHG iv p. 484
Proxenus: FHG ii p. 461
Pseudo-Phocylidea: PLG ii p. 74
Ptolemaeus: Anthologia Graeca
Ptolemaeus Euergetes II: FHG iii p. 186
Ptolemaeus Megalopolitanus: FHG iii p. 66
Pyrgio: FHG iv p. 486
Pythaenetus: FHG iv p. 487
Pythagorae et Pythagoreorum Epistulae: EG p. 601
Pythagoras: FdV p. 27
Pythagoras: FdV p. 344
Pythocles: FHG iv p. 488
Python: TGF p. 810
Rhinthon: CGF p. 183
Rufinus: Anthologia Graeca
Rufus: RG i2 p. 399
Sabinus, Tullius: Anthologia Graeca
Sacerdos, Marius Plotius: GL vi p. 416
Sallustius: FPG iii p. 28
Samus: Anthologia Graeca
Sannyrio: SC p. 83
Sappho: PLG iii p. 82
Sappho: SL p. 29
Satyrus: Anthologia Graeca
Satyrus: FHG iii p. 159
Scamon: FHG iv p. 489
Sciras: CGF p. 190
Scolia: PLG iii p. 643
Scylax: GGM i p. 15
Scymnus: GGM i p. 196
Scythinus: Anthologia Graeca
Scythinus Teius: PPF p. 169
Secundus: FPG i p. 512
Seleucus: FHG iii p. 500
Semonides: PLG ii p. 441
Semus: FHG iv p. 492
Serapio: Anthologia Graeca
Serapio: TGF p. 831
Silenus: FHG iii p. 100
Simonides: PLG iii p. 382
Simplicius: CAG vii-xi
Socrates Argivus: FHG iv p. 496
Socrates Cous: FHG iv p. 499
Socrates Rhodius: FHG iii p. 326
Socratis et Socraticorum Epistulae: EG p. 609
Solon: PLG ii p. 34
Sopater: CGF p. 192
Sophocles: PLG ii p. 243
Sophonias: CAG xxiii part 1
Sophron: CGF p. 152
Sosibius: FHG ii p. 625
Sosicrates: FHG iv p. 500
Sosicrates Rhodius: FHG iv p. 501
Sosiphanes: TGF p. 819
Sositheus: TGF p. 821
Sostratus: FHG iv p. 504
Sotades: SC p. 83
Speusippus: FPG iii p. 75
Sphaerus: FHG iii p. 20
Sphaerus: SVF i p. 139
Stadiasmus: GGM i p. 427
Staphylus: FHG iv p. 505
Stephanus: CAG xviii part 3, xxi part 2
Stesichorus: PLG iii p. 205
Stesimbrotus: FHG ii p. 52
Strabo: GGM ii p. 529
Strato: Anthologia Graeca
Strattis: SC p. 84
Syrianus: CAG vi part 1
Teleclides: SC p. 86
Telesilla: PLG iii p. 380
Telestes: PLG iii p. 627
Terentianus Maurus: GL vi p. 313
Terentius Scaurus: GL vii p. 1
Terpander: PLG iii p. 7
Teucer Cyzicenus: FHG iv p. 508
Thales: FdV p. 1
Thales: PLG iii p. 200
Thallus, Antonius: Anthologia Graeca
Theaetetus: Anthologia Graeca
Theagenes: FHG iv p. 509
Themiso: FHG iv p. 511
Themistius: CAG v parts 1-3,6, xxiii part 3
Themistocles: EG p. 741
Theodectes: TGF p. 801
Theodoridas: Anthologia Graeca
Theodorus: Anthologia Graeca
Theognis: PLG ii p. 117
Theognis Rhodius: FHG iv p. 514
Theognis: TGF p. 769
Theon: Anthologia Graeca
Theon: RG ii p. 59
Theophanes: Anthologia Graeca
Theopompus: SC p. 86
Thespis: TGF p. 832
Thomas: Anthologia Graeca
Thrasymachus: FdV p. 276
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Zosimus: Anthologia Graeca


Bold authors are *not* cited by LSJ. Italic authors are cited by LSJ, but elsewhere.


Comicorum atticorum fragmenta, by Theodorus Kock, 3 vols:

  • Volume 1: 1880 (old)
    Susarion, Chionides, Magnes, Ecphantides, Cratinus, Crates, Pherecrates, Teleclides, Hermippus, Myrtilus, Philonides, Eupolis, Phrynichus, Aristophanes, Plato, Aristonymus, Amipsias, Archippus, Aristomenes, Callias, Hegemon, Lysippus, Leuco, Metagenes, Aristagoras, Strattis, Theopompus, Alcaeus, Cantharus, Diocles, Nicochares, Nicophon, Eunicus, Philyllius, Polyzelus, Sannyrio, Demetrius, Apollophanes, Cephisodorus, Epilycus, Euthycles, Autocrates
    Only mentioned: Euetes/Euxenides/Myllus, Tolynus/Tellen?, Alcimenes?
  • Volume 2: 1884 (new)
    Antiphanes, Anaxandrides, Eubulus, Philippus, Araros, Nicostratus, Philetaerus, Amphis, Ephippus, Anaxilas, Aristophon, Epicrates, Cratinus Junior, Ophelio, Nausicrates, Euphanes, Alexis, Clearchus, Antidotus, Axionicus, Epigenes, Dromo, Diodorus, Dionysius, Eriphus, Eubulides, Heniochus, Heraclides, Mnesimachus, Philiscus, Simylus, Sophilus, Sotades, Timotheus, Timocles, Xenarchus, Theophilus, Philemo, Philemo Junior, Diphilus
    Only mentioned: Philippus (135), Augeas (411), Callicrates (416), Heraclitus (435)
  • Volume 3: 1888 (new pt 2 + uncertain)
    Menander, Hipparchus, Lynceus, Archedicus, Apollodorus of Gela, Apollodorus of Carystus, Apollodorus, Anaxippus,Philippides, Hegesippus, Sosipatrus, Euphron, Machon, Baton, Epinicus, Eudoxus, Phoenicides, Posidippus, Damoxenus, Criton, Timostratus, Demetrius, Dioxippus, Stephanus, Straton, Theognetus, Athenion, Alexandrus, Dexicrates, Demonicus, Diophantus, Euangelus, Thugenides, Callippus, Crobylus, Laon, Nicolaus, Nicomachus, Nicon, Xenon, Poliochus, Sosicrates, Philostephanus, Phormus, Chariclides, adespota
    Only mentioned: Paramonus, Sogenes, Philemon, Antiphon, Biottus, Timoxenus, Philocles, Chaerion, Lexiphanes?, Menecrates?, Eumedes?

Menecrates appears in Supp.Com.


Commentaria in Aristotelem Graeca, by Michael Hayduck, 23 (!) vols:

  • Volume 1: 1891 (Alexander on "Metaphysics")
  • Volume 2 part 1: 1883 (Alexander on "Prior Analytics" book 1)
  • Volume 2 part 2: 1891 (Alexander on "Topica")
  • Volume 2 part 3: 1898 (Alexander (?) on "Sophistical Refutations")
  • Volume 3 part 1: 1901 (Alexander on "Sense and Sensibilia")
  • Volume 3 part 2: 1891 (Alexander on "Meteorology")
  • Volume 4 part 1: MISSING
  • Volume 4 parts 2-6: 1888, 1891, 1895, 1897, 1899 (Dexippus on "Categories", Ammonius on various)
  • Volume 5 parts 1-3: 1900, 1900, 1899 (Themistius on "Posterior Analytics", "Physics", "On the Soul")
  • Volume 5 parts 4-6: 1902, 1903, 1903 (Themistius on "On the Heavens", "Metaphyics book 12", Pseudo-Themistius on "Parva Naturalia")
  • Volume 6 (all): 1902, 1888 (Syrianus on "Metaphysics", Asclepius on "Metaphysics")
  • Volume 7: 1897 (Simplicius on "On the Heavens")
  • Volume 8: 1907 (Simplicius on "Categories")
  • Volume 9: 1882 (Simplicius on "Physics" books 1-4)
  • Volume 10: 1895 (Simplicius on "Physics" books 5-8)
  • Volume 11: 1882 (Simplicius on "On the Soul")
  • Volume 12: 1902, 1900 (Olympiodorus on "Categories", "Meteorology")
  • Volume 13 parts 1-2: 1898, 1905 (Philoponus on "Categories", "Prior Analytics")
  • Volume 13 part 3: 1909 (Philoponus on "Posterior Analytics")
  • Volume 14 (all): 1901, 1897, 1903 (Philoponus on "Meteorology" book 1, "On Generation and Corruption", "Generation of Animals")
  • Volume 15: 1897 (Philoponus on "On the Soul")
  • Volume 16: 1887 (Philoponus on "Physics" books 1-3)
  • Volume 17: 1888 (Philoponus on "Physics" books 5-8)
  • Volume 18 (all): 1900, 1904, 1885 (Elias on "Categories", David on "Isagoge", Stephanus on "On Interpretation")
  • Volume 19 (all): 1889, 1889 (Aspasius on "Nicomachean Ethics", Heliodorus on "Nicomachean Ethics")
  • Volume 20: 1892 (Eustratius, Michael Ephesius, Anonymus on "Nicomachean Ethics")
  • Volume 21 (all): 1970, 1896 (Eustratius on "Posterior Analytics" book 2, Anonymus, Stephanus on "Rhetoric")
  • Volume 22 (all): 1903, 1904, 1901 (Michael Ephesius on various)
  • Volume 23 (all): 1883, 1883, 1884, 1884 (Sophonias "On the Soul", Anonymus "Categories", Themstius "Prior Analytics", Anonymus "Sophistical Refutations")

Volume 3 part 1, 4 part 1 and 8 were missing from the UofT scan. I've replaced volumes 3 part 1 and 8 with a different scan but I can't find the other one.


Comicorum graecorum fragmenta, by Georgius Kaibel: 1899.

This is the only IA link I could find. The pages are off by 16 and the quality is bad. There is also a Google Books here.


Corpus medicorum graecorum, a publication: 1908-.

Only Aretaeus, Galenus, and Paulus Aegineta are cited here. The rest are cited elsewhere. (There is only one IA link, to a specific volume, so it will not be used.) Of these Galen was only partially cited, because the project was only partially published. (It still may lack some parts.)


Collectanea alexandrina, J. U. Powell: 1925 MISSING I can't find this anywhere. Supposedly Google digitized it, so it exists... but I don't know how to get at it.


Epistolographi graeci, Rudolf Hercher: 1873


Epicorum Graecorum Fragmenta, Gottfried Kinkel: 1877

I think there is only one volume, but I'm not sure.


Erotici scriptores graeci, Rudolf Hercher, 2 vols:

Volume 1 contains the following authors: Parthenius, Achilles Tatius, Iamblichus, Antonius Diogenes, Longus, Xenophon Ephesius. Parthenius isn't cited here, though. Volume 2 contains the following authors: Charito, Eustathius, Theodorus Prodromus, Nicetas Eugenianus, and "του σοφου μανασση". At least one of these isn't even mentioned in LSJ...


Fragmente der griechischen Historiker, by Felix Jacoby, 3 vols.

Unavailable from the wider Internet, but found (partially?) on


Fragmenta historicorum graecorum, by Karl Müller, 5 vols:

This book seems to have been reprinted somewhat irregularly, and without any indication that it was reprinted (besides the date.) The UofT scans are the best due to not being colorized, so use those.


Fragmenta philosophorum graecorum, by Friedrich Wilhelm August Mullach, 3 vols:

Volume 1 has Empedocles, Hippon, Timo Phliasius, Xenophanes, Parmenides, Epicharmus, Cleanthes, Linus, Musaeus, Orph??, Porphyrius (Tyrius?), the Golden Verses of Pythagoras, someone against Pythagorus, Anaximander, Anaximenes, Anaxagoras, Diogenes Apolloniates, Archelaus, Melissus, Zeno, "On Melissus, Xenophanes, and Gorgias", Heraclitus, Democritus, Pseudo-Democrat(es), Ocellus Lucanus, Hierocles, something about Similitudes, Demophilus, "symbola pythagorica", Secundus, Sextus, Diotogenes/Sthenas/Ecphantus/Charondas/Zaleucus, something anonymous, Archytas Tarentinus. Most of these are cited elsewhere. Volume 2 has Hippodamus, Euryphamus, Hipparchus, Theages, Metopus*, Clinias, Crito, Polus, Dius, Brysones*, Callicratidas, Pempelus, Perictione, Phintys, Timaeus Locrus; Sotion, Moderatus*, Butherus, Areses*, Aristaeon*, Caecilius*, Didymus*, Diodorus Aspendius*, Eurysius*, Milo(n)*, Scythinus Teius, Onatas, Alcmaeon, Theano, Sexus, Archytas Tarentinus; Protagoras, Prodicus, Gorgias, C(h)alcidius*/Cicero on Timaeus, Antisthenes*, Diogenes Cynicus, Crates Thebanus, Monimus*, Demonax*, Oenomaus, Maximus (Tyrius?), Aristippus, Bion Borysthenites*, Euhemerus*. The ones marked with an asterisk aren't in LSJ. Volume 3 has Eusebius, Albinus, Sallustius, Speusippus, Xenocrates*, Crantor, Numenius, Severus/Atticus/Numenius, Aristocles, Eudemus, Andronicus Rhodius. Of these Albinus is cited elsewhere, Xenocrates doesn't seem to be mentioned, S/A/N are cited in Eusebius, and AR is... cited halfway through?


Geographi graeci minores, by Karl Müller, 2 vols:


Grammatici latini, by Heinrich Keil, 7 vols:


Historici graeci minores, by Ludwig August Dindorf: 1870


Oratores Attici, by Johann Georg Baiter and H. Sauppe: 1850


Poetae lyrici graeci, by Theodorus Bergk, 3 vols, 4th edition:

The first volume contains the poems of Pindar. It is not used by LSJ, who prefer to cite Schroeder.


Poetarum philosophorum fragmenta, by Hermann Diels: 1901

Note: the book says it is volume 3 part 1 of a series called Poetarum graecorum fragmenta. What are the other parts of this series?


Corpus paroemiographorum graecorum, Ernst Ludwig von Leutsch and Friedrich Wilhelm Schneidewin, 2 vols:


Rhetores graeci, by Leonhard von Spengel, 3 vols:

  • Volume 1: 1853
  • Volume 1 part 2: MISSING
  • Volume 2: 1854
  • Volume 3: 1856


Scriptores rerum alexandri magni, by Karl Müller: MISSING


Stoicorum veterum fragmenta, by Hans Friedrich August von Arnim, 4 vols:

The scans are of reprints (editiones stereotypae, I'm presuming that means reprints) from 1964.


Supplementum comicum, by Jan Demiańczuk: 1912


Supplementum lyricum, by Ernst Diehl, 3rd edition: 1917


Tragicorum graecorum fragmenta, by Augustus Nauck, 2 eds:

The second edition is the one that LSJ uses.


Fragmente der Vorsokratiker, by Hermann Diels, 4th edition, 3 vols:

I can't find Vol. 1 ed. 4 online (or vol. 2p2 ed. 4), but at least the page numbers are correct.


Commentariorum in Aratum reliquiae, by Ernst Maass: 1898