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I speak French, and English at B2[1] level.
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Alphabets rearranged in a rational orderEdit


a, è, œu, é, eu, i, u, b, p, v, f, d, t, z, s, j, ch, g, k, r, l, m, n



  • Our ratio is heavily skewed. We work too much on (IMO often useless) noun phrases and transparent compound nouns[2], and neglect grammatical words (conjunctions, prepositions, prepositional phrases, sentence adverbs, interjections)
  • The "no-space constraint" argument is a red-herring; the truth is that every extra piece of information is attention-intensive (taxing), and might detract the reader from what's truly important. By all means, let's be thorough; but by no means should we be redundant. Let's put everything (and I truly mean everything) that's interesting and specific to an entry in that entry, but not a iota more; if there's a common denominator to several entries (let's say > 10 entries), another place should be found.

Wise wordsEdit

  • Equinox: Whom will this serve, apart from some misguided god of "all words in all languages"?
  • DCDuring: Delete, unless we really do want to become a short-attention-span encyclopedia.
  • DTLHS: Saying that Wiktionary is "not paper" and therefore there is no reason to ever delete translations is ridiculous. Every entry has a real, measurable cost of maintenance, and editors' time and energy is finite.
  • DCDuring: Our arguments seem increasingly Scholastic to me.
  • Ungoliant MMDCCLXIV: Having honest, truthful labels that are useful to users and will prevent them from looking like fools for using a proscribed term is much more important than trying to promote a sociolinguist’s utopia.

Stale discussionsEdit


Active past participlesEdit

Disjunctive particlesEdit


Languages I wish were better representedEdit

  • Belarusian
  • Bulgarian
  • Latvian
  • Lithuanian
  • Slovene
  • Tsakonian

Scripts I'm interested in/find beautifulEdit



Useless entries (a single branch, or even worse a single descendant, shouldn't be enough)

Single branchEdit

Single descendantEdit




Old Church SlavonicEdit




Don't forgetEdit

  • Cross-language category for pre/post-reform spellings


  1. ^ On the CEFRL scale: A1 < A2 < B1 < B2 < C1 < C2.
  2. ^ Besides, it's useless to keep entries as translations hubs when the translations are themselves transparent compound nouns.