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I made a Discord server for Wiktionary. If anyone wants to join, they can do so by clicking this link.
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Hello. I'm PseudoSkull, and I mostly edit here when I have other things I should be doing, or could be doing that are more fun, like gaming. I'm an administrator here at the English Wiktionary (verify). I've been here since 29 March 2014, but changed accounts a few times. I mostly edit and create English and Danish entries, as well as some for Spanish, French, and other Latin-based languages. You might see me create others, but not nearly as often. I also patrol recent changes a lot, and regularly revert vandalism when I see it. I've been an administrator since 31 March 2018.

I was born in 1999 in the United States. Unfortunately, despite loving linguistics, geography, culture, and history, I have never had a chance to leave the country as of yet. As far as gender, you can refer to me as he, she, or they. It doesn't really matter, as long as you don't say it. I am practically obsessed with Denmark, Danish culture, and the Danish language.

I am quite addicted to editing Wiktionary to the point that it sometimes becomes a personal problem. I can't imagine ever permanently leaving the project. It's fun, but I think I mean something different than usual when I say "fun" though...

I am also a gamer. I'm primarily active in the tool-assisted speedrun community. On the TASVideos website, I am a vested editor and player. I'm not incredibly active there right now though. If you're interested in seeing my activities and such there, see this page. For my YouTube channel, see here.

I am a libertarian minarchist who believes heavily in the free information movement; I am heavily against censorship and feel that all information (except highly personal information) should be accessible to everyone everywhere.

Anyway, that's about it. For anything you need to talk to me about concerning Wiktionary, or even otherwise, please direct it to my talk page.


an interesting thing to me, a lot of people will tell you, "oh, computer programming, I always wondered how that works". And yet if you throw a pack of cards on the floor, and ask them "OK, sort these cards, but TELL ME HOW you are doing it, what rules are you using to sort these cards, and how would you draw a flow chart of what you are doing" -- they mostly just say "dude, I was in the middle of a game, you fucking jerk".

- Equinox


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  • Template:&lit should not be used on entries such as learning permits, because it would require making an entire unnecessary POS heading. "They all got learning permits this week." is using learning permits as a plural noun phrase, while "I will learn about Wiktionary as much as learning permits." is a...regular phrase.
  • As a kid, I always assumed finger was constructed like fing + -er. So I was like, if it's a finger, what does it fing? This was before I knew to look at etymologies.
  • alternate form: Alternative form of alternative form

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For my convenience...



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  1. A surname​.