The following is a list of words that I have worked through the transliterations for. I am not sure if they are correct, but I am fairly sure that they are:

For ones already added to translation tables and written as an article, see the talk page. For ones on hold, visit User:Razorflame/Kannada/KNTL/OH. To be checked will be here: User:Razorflame/Kannada/KNTL/TBC.

  • ಉರಿ
    • uri (correct)
      • light (different sense), to burn
  • ಕೊಡು
    • koḍu (correct)
      • impart, render, dispense, award, furnish, confer (all verbs), disposition
  • ಸೂಸು
    • sūsu (correct)
      • to emit, to appear, to show, to transpire
  • ಉಂಟಾಗು
    • uṇṭāgu (correct)
      • to strike, to come about, to become, to ensue, to entail, to fall, to fare to materialize, to transpire, to result, to occur