Hello, I'm Smashhoof. I'm an undergraduate student studying linguistics and computer science in the US. I'm interested in African languages, and especially Zulu. I like historical linguistics so Zulu etymology is a big interest of mine.

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zu-3 Lomsebenzisi unolwazi oluningi lwesiZulu.
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rw-1 Uyu ukoresha agira ubumenyi bucye bw'icyongereza.
sw-1 Mtumiaji huyu ni mwongeaji wa Kiswahili cha kiwango cha Msingi.
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TODO ListEdit

  • Add entries for stative verbs (dabukile, enabile, jabulile, etc.)
  • Fix Module:zu-verbs to handle -thi, -sho, and -azi
  • Add tone to Module:zu-verbs
  • Add tone to Zulu noun and adjective inflections
  • Remove locative palatalization from monosyllabic Zulu nouns.
  • Fix tone in Zulu adjective inflection table
  • Make it so the inflection table links automatically create the proper entries.


  • *ìdìbà: Should it have a variant ìdíbá? Bankon, Basaa, Duala, Kol, and Lingala descendants suggest so. Need to examine tone more closely.