English edit

Etymology edit

Wiccan +‎ -ist

Noun edit

Wiccanist (plural Wiccanists)

  1. (rare) An adherent of Wiccanism; a Wiccan.
    • 1837, Southern Literary Messenger, volume 3, page 270:
      At least, their coming out in that work would appear to establish the fact of their having been written by some Wiccanist, and Murray, we suppose, was hardly one of that tribe.
    • 2001, Dustin Mephisto, “Re: Mithter garrithon missed one......”, in alt.religion.wicca (Usenet):
      All I could come up with was trading out the word "Wiccan" for "Shinto" in the last refrain: "Hey there Mister Wiccanist! Merry Fuckin' Christmas! God is gonna kick your ass, you degenerate heathen scum
    • 2011, Chris Moriarty, The Inquisitor's Apprentice:
      A few years ago he'd narrowly escaped death at the hands of bomb-throwing Wiccanists.