Wiktionary:About Middle Welsh

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Special characters for Middle WelshEdit

  • ð: Wherever Middle Welsh spelling uses ⟨d⟩ to represent the sound /ð/, our entry uses ⟨d⟩ in the page name, but ⟨ð⟩ in the headword line as well as in links. For example, the page name arglwyd says arglwyð in the headword line, and links like {{l|wlm|arglwyð}} point directly to arglwyd. This is a fairly common practice in scholarly works about Middle Welsh; the characters ⟨ꝺ⟩ (insular d) and ⟨ẟ⟩ (Latin delta) are also often found in this capacity, but ⟨ð⟩ has better font support.
  • and : Where Middle Welsh spelling uses these letters, we can create hard redirects to standardized spellings with ⟨ll⟩ and ⟨w⟩ respectively, because these letters are not used for any language other than Middle Welsh.

Sorting in categoriesEdit

Following the usual practice of Middle Welsh glossaries, the letter k is automatically sorted as c in Middle Welsh categories. In addition, the |sort= parameter should be used to sort out the various uses of u, v, and w: when any of these is used to represent the sound /ʉ/, set |sort= to the spelling using ⟨u⟩; when they're used to represent /v/, set it to the spelling using ⟨v⟩; and when they're used to represent /u/ or /w/, set it to the spelling using ⟨w⟩.