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Proto-Mon-Khmer (PMK) is the reconstructed form for the Mon-Khmer languages.

Wiktionary chiefly follows the reconstructions of Harry L. Shorto's Mon–Khmer Comparative Dictionary (2006, Pacific Linguistics, abbreviated MKCD). Minor conversions exist between the forms in the MKCD and those in Wiktionary:

  • MKCD y → Wiktionary j
  • MKCD j → Wiktionary ɟ

Note that the notion of the existence of a "Mon-Khmer" branch within the Austroasiatic family (Austroasiatic, excluding the Munda languages) has been increasingly questioned or completely abandoned within recent years, and therefore the entries for "Proto-Mon-Khmer" should not be taken at face value, and ought be treated as simply "placeholders" for the actual Austroasiatic etymologies. The current "Proto-Mon-Khmer" entries shall be deleted (in cases of ghost entries) or redirected to the appropriate Proto-Austroasiatic etymologies once a reconstruction is published in the future.


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