Wiktionary:About Proto-Samic

Proto-Samic is the reconstructed ancestor of the Sami languages.


  • Stops/affricates: p t c č k
  • Fricatives: δ s š
  • Nasals: m n ń ŋ
  • Other sonorants: j v l r

Gemination (long consonants) are indicated by writing two consonants.

  • Short vowels: i u ë o
  • Long vowels/diphthongs: ie uo ea oa ē ō ā


Descendants are listed in geographical order, from west to east. The following can be used for easy copying and pasting:

* Western Samic:
** {{desc|smj|}}
** {{desc|se|}}
** {{desc|sje|}}
** {{desc|sma|}}
** {{desc|sju|}}
* Eastern Samic:
** {{desc|sia|}}
** {{desc|smn|}}
** {{desc|sjk|}}
** {{desc|sjd|}}
** {{desc|sms|}}
** {{desc|sjt|}}