Wiktionary:Tutorial (Namespaces)

In addition to the articles and their Talk pages, there are some other categories of behind-the-scenes pages that help Wiktionarians communicate with each other, and serve a variety of other roles in building Wiktionary.

User pages and User Talk pages Edit

If you want to share information about yourself, the place to put it is your User page. You can only access your User page if you are logged in as a registered user.

If other users want to communicate with you, they will leave a message on your User talk page

Some other areas Edit

These different areas are often referred to with the label "namespace", as in the User namespace. These include the Project namespace (also called the Wiktionary namespace) that provides information about Wiktionary and how to use it, and the MediaWiki namespace which contains interface texts such as link labels and messages. All the pages in both these areas also have corresponding Talk pages.

For more details, see Wiktionary:Namespace.

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