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Wiktionary does not have very good coverage of taxonomic names ("taxa"): only about 10,000. If Wiktionary is to cover a large portion of such names, it would be desirable to resolve some of the unresolved questions about their presentation.

Some unresolved issues are how WT:CFI should apply, inclusion of subspecies and varieties, general structure of definitions, placement of species epithets (L2), placement of vernacular names, content of any pronunciation section, and treatment of synonyms and obsolete taxa. DCDuring TALK 16:30, 25 September 2012 (UTC)


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Several templates are relevant:

  1. {{taxon}}
  2. {{taxlink}} See also Category:Entries using missing taxonomic names and its subcategories
  3. {{tritaxon}}

Automatic generation of species-level articlesEdit

It is being done at Swedish WP: LSJBot for species articles ... example entry at w:sv:Polycheria mixillae

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