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  1. Misspelling of abhorring.
    • 1992, Adrian Desmond, The Politics of Evolution[1]:
      Oddly, while abhoring Lamarch’s transformism for degrading the “godlike race,” Brewster openly patronized Grant.
    • 2000, Suzanne Stein, The Pusher and the Sufferer[2]:
      For Ahab, accession to the sublime image entails abhoring, killing, and thereby magically fusing with the White Whale. For Ishmael, unparented and self-abhoring, accession requires that he find, then lose himself in a Queequeg, [...]
    • 2002, Sandra Mackey, The Saudis [3] [4]
      Abhoring risk and loving liquidity, he invested SAMA’s funds almost entirely in government securities and corporate bonds in the West.
      Abhoring instability above all else, Saudi Arabia sees the threat from Israel in terms of the unrest the confrontation with its Arab neighbors churns up on the kingdom’s borders.