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advocat (countable and uncountable, plural advocats)

  1. Alternative form of advocaat (egg liqueur)
    • 1945, Leo Heaps, Escape from Arnhem: A Canadian Among the Lost Paratroops:
      We were given tea by Jop's grandmother, and then she gave us a glass of advocat. She was a very excitable woman, but very glad to have us in her house. She somehow felt she was doing something to defeat the Germans.
    • 1979, Jeremy Lloyd, The Continuing Adventures of Captain Gregory Dangerfield, Weidenfeld & Nicolson:
      [] after consuming the Port, champagne, an ancient bottle of Advocat and a large bottle of cooking sherry (of which Mr Potts had had a not inconsiderable amount to fortify [her]) []
    • 1986, Ronit Lentin, James Liddy, Tomas O. Murchadha, Triad: Modern Irish Fiction, Irish Amer Book Company:
      Gerry is arriving with a bottle of advocat, whiskey, vodka — lying on the grass joined by people on the clock. Colm appears over the tall grass with Keith galloping and laughing. Keith won't drink, he will smile.
    • 2012 March 15, Sarah Monk, Taking the Lead, Little Black Dress, →ISBN:
      The final one was one that made her stop halfway through unscrewing her bottle of advocat. 'Hello, it's your dad, HAPPY CHRISTMAS, POPPET!!!! Hope you're—' And then the line went dead. Theo hadn't seen her father for over a year.
    • 2014 January 22, Renny deGroot, Family Business, Toadhollow Publishing, →ISBN:
      "How about a glass of advocat?" Hank waved a bottle of the yellow liquor at André. "Oh yes, please!" André relieved Hank of the bottle and went to pour out small glasses for each of the adults and glasses of lemonade for the children.
    • 2018 August 24, Fielding, My Life so Far: The Story of a Common British Man Come Good, Partridge Publishing Singapore, →ISBN:
      [] and drink some Sherry or Port, sometimes we would drink Advocat, another of Mum's favourites. Mum would serve us kids the Advocat with lots of lemonade, it was known as a snowball but not usually as weak as how Mum made it for us.

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Borrowed from Latin advocātus.

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advocat m (plural advocats, feminine advocada)

  1. lawyer

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advocat (feminine advocada, masculine plural advocats, feminine plural advocades)

  1. past participle of advocar

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Latin edit

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  1. third-person singular present active indicative of advocō

Middle French edit

Etymology edit

Borrowed from Latin advocātus.

Noun edit

advocat m (plural advocats)

  1. lawyer

Descendants edit

  • French: avocat

Romanian edit

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advocat m (plural advocați)

  1. Alternative form of avocat

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