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From after- +‎ set.


afterset (plural aftersets)

  1. That which is positioned after or behind.
    • 2001, Christodoulos A. Floudas, Panos M. Pardalos, Encyclopedia of optimization:
      Mnemonically and semantically, an afterset consists of all those elements which can correctly be written after a given element, a foreset of those which can correctly be written before it.
  2. A set or stage which is located behind another; a film industry lounge.
    • 1999, Robyn Williams, A twist of fate:
      They were led to a suite in the back of the building where they could relax and mingle before the afterset. A group of industry people were already waiting inside the room.
    • 2002, Murray Forman, The 'hood comes first: race, space, and place in rap and hip-hop:
      But then they had to prove me wrong 'Cause later on that night after we did the show We went back to the afterset and wouldn't ya know Yeah, Bloods and Crips start scrappin' and shootin' [...]



afterset (not comparable)

  1. Pertaining to an object or material state (such as concrete, paint, moulding, etc) after it has set.
    • 1997, Benjamin Stein, McGuinness, William J., Building technology: mechanical and electrical systems:
      Their use avoids the necessity of drilling into the floor duct at each point where a floor outlet is desired, in order to place an afterset insert.