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From always +‎ -ness.


alwaysness (uncountable)

  1. The state, quality, or condition of being or lasting indefinitely or always; continuity; indefiniteness; eternity.
    • 2007, Dirk Van Hulle, Mark Nixon, All Sturm and No Drang:
      It seems that 'alwaysness' can have its beginning and its end, or at least that 'alwaysness' can be conceived as once having begun and once having to end.
    • 2007, Nancy Cook, Gender Relations in Global Perspective:
      This sense of “alwaysness” is reproduced by the group in question through shared rememberings, notably the telling ofstories, an activity in which both women and men participate.
    • 2011, Tim O'Brien, Tomcat in Love:
      Yet I loved her, so much, and still do, and always will, because that is love, the unending alwaysness, and I therefore wished only to please her, to reduce her absence, to pretend I was under the care of a fictitious shrink by the name of Dr.

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