anthropo- +‎ sociologist


anthroposociologist (plural anthroposociologists)

  1. One who studies anthroposociology.
    • 1903, Lester Frank Ward, Pure Sociology: A Treatise on the Origin and Spontaneous Development of Society, page 231:
      We may therefore admit the force of the arguments of the school of criminal anthropologists headed by Lombroso, of the school of anthroposociologists headed by Lapouge, of the school of individualists headed by Demolins, and of the statiscians, who have demonstrated the law that the increase of intelligence and of population are inversely proportional []
    • 1917, “France and "The Great Race"”, in The Unpopular Review[1], volume 8, number 16, page 252:
      We find, a generation later, the well-informed, impassioned, thought-compelling rhapsodies of the anthroposociologist Vacher de Lapouge.
    • 2007, Lisa Appignanesi, Sad, mad and bad: women and the mind-doctors from 1800, page 183:
      The anthroposociologist, Ivan Bloch, in The Sexual Life of Our Times (1906), points out how modern society simultaneously ridicules the 'old maid' and 'condemns the unmarried mother to infamy'.
    • 2013, Antisemitism: An Annotated Bibliography, volume 15, page 99:
      As an anthroposociologist and a critic of contemporary French society, Vacher de Lapouge was concemed with two dominant social obsessions of the Third Republic: fear of population decline and of racial degeneration.

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