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Ammotragus lervia
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From French, from Berber audad.


aoudad (plural aoudads)

  1. The Barbary sheep, Ammotragus lervia.
    • 1995, Dick Bartlett, Saving the Best of Texas: A Partnership Approach to Conservation[1], page 183:
      Aoudads compete with native deer and actually run them off shared range, according to TPWD[Texas Parks and Wildlife Department] ethnobotanist David Alloway. There is no doubt that the aoudad must be removed from the ranch; the only question is how.
    • 1999, Ronald M. Nowak, Aoudad, or Barbary Sheep, article in Walker′s Mammals of the World, Volume 1, page 1231,
      In captivity the aoudad seems to like water and to enjoy taking a bath. The diet consists of grass, herbaceous plants, and stunted bushes.
    • 2007, Elizabeth Cary Mungall, Exotic Animal Field Guide: Nonnative Hoofed Mammals in the United States[2], page 12:
      New Mexico addressed this anxiety by issuing game department personnel a shoot-on-sight order for any aoudad found inside known bighorn boundaries in New Mexico. By comparison, Arizona′s intent was to eliminate any aoudad loose anywhere inside its jurisdiction, and its neighbor′s other additions were not welcome either.




From Berber audad


aoudad m (plural aoudads)

  1. The Barbary sheep, Ammotragus lervia.