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aquaeous (comparative more aquaeous, superlative most aquaeous)

  1. Alternative spelling of aqueous
    • 1953, Minimum Requirements of Biologic Products, page 208:
      Vaccine pulp is diluted at the time of grinding, using a sterile aquaeous solution of neutral glycerin of a strength such that the finished vaccine will contain approximately 40—60percent glycerin.
    • 1972, Microautoradiography and Electron Probe Analysis: Their Application to Plant Physiology, →ISBN, page 148:
      Differentiate in 0.2% aquaeous HCI 30—60 sec after staining blue the autoradiographs in rinsing tap water 30—60 min.
    • 2010, Book of Abstracts of the 61st Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production, Wageningen Academic Publishers, →ISBN, page 272:
      The average aquaeous tissue was much higher in Boer than Alpine crossbreds.