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aracial +‎ -ity


araciality (uncountable)

  1. (sociology, philosophy) The state of being aracial.
    • 1994, Kristal Brent Zook, "How I Became Prince of a Town Called Bel Air: Nationalist Desire in Black Television", dissertation submitted to the University of California, Santa Cruz, page 72:
      Such symbols were of no minor importance for a show such as Cosby, roundly and repeatedly criticized for its "araciality."
    • 2009 June 30, “Michael Jackson 1958-2009: The Life and Legacy of the King of Pop”, in Democracy Now:
      I think we don’t pay enough attention to the fact that Michael Jackson, for much of his career, was asexual. And it’s almost as if he was trying to get to some sort of araciality in terms of his presentation, when you think about, you know, someone wearing a mask, someone trying to morph — I mean, Madonna has done it very well without necessarily having to have cosmetic surgery, but this kind of figure that morphs into something else as time goes on.
    • 2011, Zoe A. Y. Weinberg, "Raceless Like Me", The Harvard Crimson, 13 October 2011:
      Though Maouyo and Spencer’s lives have parallels, Maouyo’s journey to araciality was not so much a tireless social justice mission than a process of finding an identity that felt like a good fit.
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