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archangelic (not comparable)

  1. of, relating to, resembling, or characteristic of archangels
    • 1886, Thomas De Witt Talmage, New Tabernacle Sermons[1]:
      Perhaps that steep of light is the dwelling-place of angels cherubic, seraphic, archangelic.
    • 1912, T. De Witt Talmage, T. De Witt Talmage[2]:
      When all the voices were in full chorus, and all the batons in full wave, and all the orchestra in full triumph, and a hundred anvils under mighty hammers were in full clang, and all the towers of the city rolled in their majestic sweetness, and the whole building quaked with the boom of thirty cannon, Parepa Rosa, with a voice that will never again be equalled on earth until the archangelic voice proclaims that time shall be no longer, rose above all other sounds in her rendering of our national air, the "Star Spangled Banner."
    • 1914, Editor= R. Brimley Johnson, Famous Reviews[3]:
      But this is as the furious cruelty of Pharaoh made place for the benign virtue of his daughter; as the butchering sentence of Herod raised without doubt many a mother's love into heroic sublimity; as plague, as famine, as fire, as flood, as every curse and every scourge that is wielded by an angry Providence for the chastisement of man, is an appointed instrument for tempering human souls in the seven-times heated furnace of affliction, up to the standard of angelic and archangelic virtue.