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See archiepiscopal.

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archepiscopal (not comparable)

  1. (ecclesiastical) Of or pertaining to an archbishop or an archbishopric.
    • 1847, Julia Perdoe, Louis the Fourteenth: And the Court of France in the Seventeenth Century[1], volume 3, page 167:
      A deep snow was falling; and the wind which drove it heavily against the casements of the archepiscopal palace was roaring in the wide chimney, [] .
    • 1996, Michele Mancino, 5: Ecclesiastical Justice and the Counter-Reformation: Notes on the Diocesan Criminal Court of Naples, Eric Arthur Johnson, Eric H. Monkkonen (editors), The Civilization of Crime: Violence in Town and Country Since the Middle Ages, page 131,
      Important pieces of evidence point to the intensified activities of the archepiscopal curia's criminal forum.
    • 2010, James L. Larson, Reforming the North: The Kingdoms and Churches of Scandinavia, 1520–1545[2], page 177:
      Johannes Magnus, Brask's protégé, won the archepiscopal sweepstakes at the expense of Master Knut, Sunnanväder's candidate.


  • (of or pertaining to an archbishopric): diocesan

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