archi- +‎ -carp


archicarp (plural archicarps)

  1. The female reproductive structure of an ascomycete.
    • 1975, Steven E. Carpenter, Taxonomy, morphology and ontogeny of Gelatinodiscus flavidus:
      The archicarp is bounded at the top by the trichogyne and at the base by a foot cell.
    • 2010, Helen Gwynne-Vaughan, Fungi: Ascomycetes, Ustilaginales, Uredinales, →ISBN, page 155:
      In Chaetomium spirale the cells of the mycelium contain each a single nucleus, the archicarp arises as a coiled branch and divides into four or more uninucleate cells.
    • 2010, Douglas H. Campbell, Elements of Structural and Systematic Botany, →ISBN, page 80:
      The other branch (antheridium) grows up in close contact with the archicarp, and like it is shut off by a partition from its filament.