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artfull (comparative more artfull, superlative most artfull)

  1. Obsolete spelling of artful
    • 1612: George Wither, Epithalamia: or, Nuptiall Poems upon the moſt Bleſſed and Happie Mariage betweene the High and Mightie Prince Frederick the fifth, Count Palatine of the Rhein, Duke of Bauier, &c., And the moſt Vertuous, Gracious and Thrice Excellent Princeſſe, Elizabeth, ſole Daughter to our dread Soueraigne, Iames by the grace of God King of Great Britaine, France and Ireland, defender of the Faith, &c.; Celebrated at White-Hall the fourteenth of Februarie, 1613, page unknown:
      The nights ſtrange * proſpects, made to feede the eyes;
      With Artfull fyres, mounted in the skies:
      Graced with horred claps of ſulphury thunders;
      May make your mind, Iehouahs greater wonders.