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  1. (law) A barrister (lawyer with the right to speak and argue as an advocate in court).
  2. An advocate (person who argues the case of another, such as a lawyer in a court).


Inflection of asianajaja (Kotus type 10/koira, no gradation)
nominative asianajaja asianajajat
genitive asianajajan asianajajien
partitive asianajajaa asianajajia
illative asianajajaan asianajajiin
singular plural
nominative asianajaja asianajajat
accusative nom. asianajaja asianajajat
gen. asianajajan
genitive asianajajan asianajajien
partitive asianajajaa asianajajia
inessive asianajajassa asianajajissa
elative asianajajasta asianajajista
illative asianajajaan asianajajiin
adessive asianajajalla asianajajilla
ablative asianajajalta asianajajilta
allative asianajajalle asianajajille
essive asianajajana asianajajina
translative asianajajaksi asianajajiksi
instructive asianajajin
abessive asianajajatta asianajajitta
comitative asianajajineen

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Usage notesEdit

In Finland the use of asianajaja as a professional title is restricted to those who have demonstrated sufficient theoretical knowledge and practical experience to a Bar Association. However, at least in theory anybody is legally allowed to assist anyone in a court, in which case they may be called oikeudenkäyntiasiamies or oikeudenkäyntiavustaja. The title asianajaja can therefore be regarded as a quality badge. They are also tied to an ethical code, and may lose the title by a decision of the Bar Association.