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  1. plural of backpacker


backpackers (plural backpackers)

  1. A hostel catering to backpackers.
    • 2002, Laura Harper, Tony Mudd, and Paul Whitfield, New Zealand[1], Rough Guides, →ISBN, page 790:
      If the place really appeals you can stay at the backpackers across the street []
    • 2004, Mary Fitzpatrick et al., South Africa, Lesotho, and Swaziland[2], Lonely Planet, →ISBN, page 199:
      Low-season competition between the several backpackers and many guesthouses in town keeps prices down, but in high season expect steep price hikes (except at the backpackers) and book ahead.
    • 2006, Byron Loker, New Swell[3], →ISBN, page 76:
      The girl's name was Sherry and she was from England and was staying at the backpackers' near the beach.

Usage notesEdit

  • (hostel): Variously written with or without a final apostrophe, as "backpackers" or "backpackers'".

Alternative formsEdit