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bad +‎ looking


bad-looking (comparative more bad-looking or worse-looking, superlative most bad-looking or worst-looking)

  1. Not pleasing to the eye; unattractive.
    Antonyms: good-looking, nice-looking
    • 2008, Fiona Gibson, Something Good[1], →ISBN, page 33:
      This was the worst-looking house on the street. Why had he taken it on? He'd told her that he was planning to do most of the renovation work himself.
    • 2011, Daniel S. Hamermesh, Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful[2], →ISBN, page 178:
      Aside from being desirable on macroeconomic grounds, a policy of the lowest possible unemployment would create the additional benefit of reducing the earnings disadvantage of bad-looking workers; and it might even spill over to their treatment in other areas.