bad manners



bad manners pl (plural only)

  1. The treatment of other people in an impolite or discourteous way, or incorrect behaviour in public.
    In some cultures, it is considered to be bad manners to talk with your mouth full.
    Antonym: good manners
    • 1978, Nixon, Richard, RN: the Memoirs of Richard Nixon[1], Grosset & Dunlap, →ISBN, LCCN 77-87793, OCLC 760525066, OL 7561812M, page 288:
      We walked out into the sunlight and rode from the church to Rose Hills Memorial Park. My mother was buried in the family plot, alongside my father, my brothers Arthur and Harold, her mother and father, and her sister Elizabeth, who died of cancer. Only one reporter had the bad manners to stick a microphone in my face and ask how I felt. I just walked past him.