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Etymology edit

From bakåt (backwards) +‎ sträva (strive) +‎ -are (-er).

Noun edit

bakåtsträvare c

  1. someone habitually opposed to (e.g. societal or technological) change, perhaps also wanting to see some changes that have already been made rolled back; a reactionary, a Luddite
    Kalla mig bakåtsträvare om ni vill, men allt var bättre förr
    Call me a Luddite if you want, but everything was better in the past

Declension edit

Declension of bakåtsträvare 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative bakåtsträvare bakåtsträvaren bakåtsträvare bakåtsträvarna
Genitive bakåtsträvares bakåtsträvarens bakåtsträvares bakåtsträvarnas

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