From Balmacaan, a Scottish estate.


balmacaan ‎(plural balmacaans)

  1. A loose overcoat of a certain type, with raglan sleeves
    • 2007 February 25, Lynn Yaeger, “Dead Stock”[1], New York Times:
      Which is why she can gallivant in a 1940s balmacaan and not feel that the previous owner is peering, Topper-like, over her shoulder.
    • 2009 March 26, David Livingstone, “Benjamin on the button for spring”[2], Toronto Star:
      Arriving for interviews at Holts offices, he has on a vintage Burberry round-collared, raglan-sleeved balmacaan coat in heavy tweed, a Benjamin Bixby polo shirt, vintage jeans with an old bandana poking from a front pocket, and a vintage belt that he says is about to fall apart.