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banana shot



banana shot (plural banana shots)

  1. (sports) A shot with a ball sent on a curved banana-shaped trajectory.
    • 2002, Andrew Collins, Guild of Honor, →ISBN, page 53:
      He played the fading, low-banana shot as planned, and the ball whistled left of the oak tree and between the pines.
    • 2006, Richard Witzig, The Global Art of Soccer, →ISBN, page 247:
      [...]Bernd Schneider closed the scoring in injury-time with a 23 meter free-kick banana shot into the upper-right corner.
    • Wilson Orhiunu, Love Letters, page 85, →ISBN.
      2009, No one squealed, even though all saw Andrew unleash his poor imitation of a Brazilian Banana shot forty-five degrees away from its intended target.

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