basal cell carcinoma


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basal cell carcinoma (countable and uncountable, plural basal cell carcinomas)

  1. (medicine) A common type of nonmelanocytic skin cancer.
    • 2002, Wallace B. Morrison, Cancer in Dogs and Cats: Medical and Surgical Management, Teton NewMedia (→ISBN), page 470
      Basal cell carcinoma is found most frequently on the head, neck, and limbs of cats. Histologic findings do not always correlate with aggressive behavior.
    • 2009, Noel Weidner, Richard J. Cote, Saul Suster, Lawrence M. Weiss, Modern Surgical Pathology, Elsevier Health Sciences (→ISBN), page 1151
      The malignant potential of adenoid cystic carcinoma/basal cell carcinoma is uncertain because of the small number of reported cases and limited follow-up, but some cases are malignant with EPE and distant metastases.
    • 2013, Gabrijela Kocjan, Winifred Gray, Philippe Vielh, Tanya Levine, Ika Kardum-Skelin, Diagnostic Cytopathology Essentials, Elsevier Health Sciences (→ISBN), page 369
      Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most frequent of all cancers in fair-skinned populations.