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birthday girl (plural birthday girls)

  1. A female (woman or girl) whose birthday it is.
    • 2002, Lee Stacy, Quinciñera, in Mexico and the United States, page 685,
      The climax of the celebration for the birthday girl is her first dance. A symbolic enactment of her departure from childhood takes place: [] Afterward, the birthday girl dances with all of the young chamberlanes, marking her entry into womanhood.
    • 2011, Doug Sahlin, Digital SLR Settings & Shortcuts For Dummies, page not numbered,
      When you're photographing the birthday girl, you use a large aperture that has an f/stop of f/3.5, which gives you a very shallow depth of field and draws the viewer's attention to the honored guest.
    • 2011, Philip C. Dimare (editor), Movies in American History: An Encyclopedia[1], page 450:
      A teenage girl's 16th birthday is supposed to include a big party, the perfect boyfriend and a shiny new car, all wrapped up with a bright red bow. But what happens when your family forget your big day because they are consumed with planning your older sister's wedding? Ask high school sophomore Samantha Baker (Molly Ringwald), the birthday girl in John Hughes's 1984 romantic teen comedy Sixteen Candles.


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