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  1. superlative form of bizarre: most bizarre
    • 1970 January 19, John Gruen, “Fun House in Space”, in New York Magazine[1], volume 3, number 3, ISSN 0028-7369, page 50:
      Allen Jones (Feigen, 27 E. 79th): This young British popster offers a titillating view of bizarrest erotica.
    • 1989, Yvette Solomon, “Knowing how and when to use numbers”, in The Practice of Mathematics[2], →ISBN, page 145:
      […] [I]ndeed, as Hughes and Greive (1980) showed, children will attend to, and try to make sense of, the bizarrest and most meaningless of questions, for instance ‘Is red heavier than yellow?’.
    • 2006, William Ian Miller, “Filthy Lucre and Holy Dollars”, in Eye for an Eye[3], →ISBN, page 199:
      It is by means of the very process of devising measures to rank the bizarrest of things that we hone our critical sense, that we teach ourselves and others how to appreciate what makes things the way they are.