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A typical blue plate, with a mug

Alternative formsEdit


blue-plate special (plural blue-plate specials)

  1. (chiefly US, dated) A popular meal offered at a reduced price, usually in inexpensive eateries and often on a plate divided into compartments for different food items.
    • 1928, Bertram Reinitz, "Where New York Dines on Dime," New York Time, 2 Dec., p. 162:
      His big blue plate special, with meat course and three vegetables, is purchasable for a quarter.
    • 1968, Erik Barnouw, A History of Broadcasting in the United States: The Golden Web: 1933 to 1953, Oxford, →ISBN, p. 36:
      Most had stayed at the convention hotel, but at dinner time many went across the street for the fifty-cent blue plate special.

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