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bralet (plural bralets)

  1. Alternative form of bralette
    • 2015, Jordan Reid, chapter 2, in Cindy De La Hoz, editor, Carrying On: Style, Beauty, Décor (and More) for the Nervous New Mom, Running Press, →ISBN:
      I offered E a handful of suggestions (like pairing the bralet top with a long, high-waisted skirt, an ornate belt and a shawl for a glam-gypsy look that didn't show too much skin), but based on the comments that came flowing in mere minutes after I put up the Q&A post you would have thought I suggested she just go ahead and show up at the ceremony naked.
    • 2020 February 10, Steven McIntosh, “Oscars 2020: 13 looks that caused a stir”, in BBC News[1], BBC, 9. The stars were dressed for both hot and cold climates:
      Emily Ratajkowski, on the other hand, was feeling slightly warmer, opting for nothing more than a simple white bralet and skirt as she hit the Vanity Fair party.

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