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Perhaps related to bubo and/or carbuncle.


bubukle (plural bubukles)

  1. (obsolete, nonce word) A red pimple.
    • William Shakespeare, Henry V
      His face is all bubukles, and whelks, and knobs, and flames o' fire; and his lips blows at his nose, and it is like a coal of fire, sometimes plue and sometimes red; but his nose is executed, and his fire's out.
    • 1948, Andrew Geer, The Sea Chase (page 8)
      His moon face wore the perpetual smile of a simpleton and was headlighted by a bubukle nose. The facial blotch was not congenital but was from mustard gas in '17.
    • 1951, Ivor John Carnegie Brown, I Break My Word (page 30)
      Probably it was less painful to have white whelks than red carbuncles and bubukles.