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cæcum (plural cæcums or cæca)

  1. Alternative spelling of caecum
    • June 28, 1787, John Hunter, Mr. HUNTER’S Obſervations on the Structure and Oeconomy of Whales, in Philosophical Transactions, Lockyer Davis and Peter Elmsly; Volume LXXVII, part II, page #407:
      In the Piked Whale, the length from the ſtomach to the cæcum is 28 yards and an half, length of cæcum ſeven inches, of the colon to the anus two yards and three quarters.

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Borrowed from Latin caecum.

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  • IPA(key): /se.kɔm/
  • (file)

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cæcum m (plural cæca or cæcums)

  1. caecum

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