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chat +‎ box


chatbox (plural chatboxes)

  1. (Internet) A chat room.
    • 1997, "vdveen", JOTI 1997 Chatboxes IMPORTANT INFORMATION (on Internet newsgroup de.soc.jugendarbeit)
      As you may know, in the third weekend of October, we will organise a JOTI (Jamboree On The Internet) weekend, instead of the JOTA. During that weekend we plan to open several chatboxes on IRC. On these boxes Scouts from all over the world can chat with each other.
    • 1997, "Billie Walker", Chatboxes and email (on Internet newsgroup bit.listserv.libref-l)
      How do you handle students who use the Internet for chatboxes and email?
  2. (Internet) A tagboard.