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Alternative formsEdit


Shortened from chock-a-block.


chocker (comparative more chocker, superlative most chocker)

  1. (informal) Tightly packed, especially with people.
    • 1947, Charles Brasch, Landfall, Caxton Press, Page 492
      The place was absolutely packed. It was chocker.
    • 2001, Brian Thacker, Rule No.5 - No Sex on the Bus: Confessions of a tour leader, Allen & Unwin, Page 143
      The largest of these service chains in Italy is Agip, and these mini-cities in the middle of nowhere are always absolutely chocker with people. Half of Italy must be in these places at any one time.
    • 2003, Phillip Scott, Gay Resort Murder Shock, Alyson Publishing, Page 155
      He briskly flicked through the catalogue. "And this seemingly innocent museum is chocker with old airplane parts!"
    • 2005, Rachael Weiss and Julie Adams, Are We There Yet?: Rach and Jules take to the open road, Allen & Unwin, Page 209
      Australia is chocker with beaches strait from paradise, and Terrigal is a beach holiday mecca? I'm gobsmacked.




  1. indefinite plural of chock