cis- +‎ girl


cisgirl (plural cisgirls)

  1. (informal) A cisgender woman or girl.
    • 2017, K. C. Alexander, Nanoshock, unnumbered page:
      Crossdresser, drag queen, transwoman or cisgirl laying it on thick, nobody had the guts to ask.
    • 2018, Mary Ann Harlan, The Girl-Positive Library: Inspiring Confidence, Creativity, and Curiosity in Young Women, page 68:
      Simply to say this novel clearly illustrates that transgirls issues face the same issues of cisgirls, and then some.
    • 2019, Ashwini Tambe, Defining Girlhood in India: A Transnational History of Sexual Maturity Laws, unnumbered page:
      The notion of “puberty” in this context reduced various kinds of maturation that cisgirls typically experience down to a single threshold event, menarche.
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