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class act (plural class acts)

  1. An entity exhibiting high class especially through refinement of demeanor, conscientiousness of behavior, and/or skillfulness in performance; or an exhibition of high class especially of one or more of those types:
    1. A person or organization displaying the above characteristics
      Jackie? Now she was a real class act.
    2. A display of the above characteristics, e.g., an event or an individual or collective action

  2. Used sarcastically, a person, entity, event, or action entity exhibiting the opposite of the above characteristics, i.e., boorish, unprincipled, and/or bungling behavior
    Did you hear about Peter's "milk-milk-lemonade" toast to Lois at their wedding reception? After a class act like that, I'm surprised that anyone in the Pewterschmidt family is still speaking to him.


  • Of sense "person exhibiting conscientiousness of behavior":
  • Of sense "person exhibiting skillfulness in performance":


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