1. simple past tense and past participle of clip; obsolete spelling of clipped
    • 1546–62, John Heywood, Of rebellion, in The Poverbs and Epigrams of John Heywood (1867), page 201:
      Hast thou any clypt syluer? [...] Hast thou any crekt grote?
    • 1595–1662, Henry Lawes, A Dream:
      I laid me down upon a pillow soft,
      And dream'd I clypt and kissed my mistress oft:
      She cried, Fie fie, away, you are too bold.
      I pray'd her be content, though she were cold;
      My veins did burn with flames of hot desire,
      And must not leave till she had quench'd my fire.
    • 1886–1918, Joyce Kilmer, Ballade of my Lady's Beauty:
      Squire Adam had two wives, they say,
      Two wives had he, for his delight,
      He kissed and clypt them all the day
      And clypt and kissed them all the night.