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coffee talk (usually uncountable, plural coffee talks)

  1. (idiomatic) Informal conversation among friends or acquaintances, of the kind that occurs in a casual gathering where people sit together and drink coffee.
    • 1977 April 5, Donnie Radcliffe, "A Different Kind of Tea," Washington Post (retrieved 30 December 2017):
      "We didn't expect this," Kantamala said later of the exchange, "so I took this opportunity to say what I think."
      Said Press Secretary Mary Hoyt later, "Mrs. Carter would appreciate that kind of forthrightness. It takes it out of purely coffee talk and makes it something meaningful."
    • 2006 April 6, Edward Wyatt, "Katherine Anne Couric: Coming Back to Hard News," New York Times (retrieved 30 December 2017):
      Ms. Couric demonstrated a self-deprecating humor and a penchant for the giggle-filled coffee talk so familiar to the early-morning shows.
    • 2013 May 3, Jessica McDiarmid, "Toronto terror plot," The Star (Canada) (retrieved 30 December 2017):
      Ali and Jaser met occasionally for coffee to chat. . . . “Every so often he’d talk about radicalism and that,” said Ali. “I just thought it was coffee talk.”

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