collar +‎ -less


collarless (not comparable)

  1. Of a garment, having no collar.
    • 1963, "The New Madness" in Time, 15 November, 1963, [1]
      Their records have sold 2,500,000 copies, and crowds stampede for a chance to touch the hem of the collarless coats sported onstage by all four of them.
    • 2010, "Yemen's problems evident at the border," The Sydney Morning Herald, 7 January, 2010, [2]
      He had been to Yemen twice, once wearing the white ankle-length, collarless gown worn by most Omanis.
  2. (obsolete) Of a man, not wearing a detachable collar.
    • 1918, Sinclair Lewis, "Afterglow" in I'm a Stranger Here Myself and Other Stories, New York: Dell, 1962, p. 81,
      The driver of the jitney was a young, swarthy prairie man, in shirt sleeves, and collarless, with a derby on one side of his head []
    • 1934, George Orwell, chapter 5, in Burmese Days[3]:
      He was pining for England, though he dreaded facing it, as one dreads facing a pretty girl when one is collarless and unshaven.
  3. Of a dog, not wearing a dog collar.
    • 1963, François Mauriac, What I Believe, translated by Wallace Fowlie, New York: Farrar, Straus & Co., Chapter IX, p. 118,
      I wandered about Paris like a lost dog, like a collarless dog.
    • 1999, Barbara Smuts in J. M. Coetzee, The Lives of Animals, Princeton University Press, p. 115,
      I rescued Safi, aged eight months, from an animal shelter where she had been brought as a stray, collarless, without history.