English edit

Noun edit

compot (plural compots)

  1. Dated form of compote (the food).
    • 1863, J[oseph] Sheridan Le Fanu, The House by the Church-yard. [], volumes (please specify |volume=I to III), London: Tinsley, Brothers, [], →OCLC:
      'She knows well enough I like her,' so his liking said in confidence to his vanity, and even he hardly overheard them talk; 'better a great deal than I knew it myself, till old Strafford got together this confounded stupid dinner-party (he caught Miss Chattesworth glancing at him with a peculiar look of enquiry). Why the plague did he ask me here? it was Puddock's turn, and he likes venison and compots, []

Romanian edit

Etymology edit

Borrowed from French compote.

Noun edit

compot n (plural compoturi)

  1. compote

Declension edit