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Middle English Edit

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  1. Alternative form of cosyn

Occitan Edit

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From Latin cōnsōbrīnus. Compare Catalan cosí and French cousin.

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cosin m (plural cosins, feminine cosina, feminine plural cosinas)

  1. cousin

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Old French Edit

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From Latin cōnsōbrīnus (possibly via a Vulgar Latin form *cōsōbīnus > *cōsuīnus).

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cosin m (oblique plural cosins, nominative singular cosins, nominative plural cosin)

  1. cousin
    • c. 1170, Wace, Le Roman de Rou:
      D'ambes parz out filz e peres,
      uncles, nevos, cosins e freres
      On both sides there were sons and fathers,
      Uncles, nephews, cousins and brothers

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