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  1. plural of countryside
    • 1687, Alexander Shields, A Hind Let Looſe, page 184:
      But where the Diſſenters were numerous, great bands of Legal Robbers were ſent to exact & extort theſe exorbitant fines, by plundering, quartering, beating, wounding, binding men like beaſts, chaſing away from houſes, and harraſſing whole Countryſides, in a hideous manner.
    • 2008, Thomas Sowell, Economic Facts and Fallacies, Basic Books, →ISBN, page 14:
      There must be something inside the city worth walking to or riding to, otherwise people would remain scattered through the countrysides.
    • 2009, Peter Lerangis, The Sword Thief, Scholastic Inc., →ISBN, page 40:
      Some of these designs were amazing, covering a person’s whole back. There were dozens—dragons, historical scenes, countrysides, ornate scrollwork…