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cousin brother

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cousin brother (plural cousin brothers)

  1. (India, Pakistan) A male first cousin.
    • 1853, J. H. Stocqueler, The Old Field Officer or The Military and Sporting Adventures of Major Worthington, Adam and Charles Black (Edinburgh), vol. 2, p. 3:
      I got one cousin-brother. He dam rich. I speak him for the ten thousand rupees.
    • 2006, Nicola Mooney, "Aspiration, reunification and gender transformation in Jat Sikh marriages from India to Canada," Global Networks, vol. 6, no. 4, p. 392:
      In Punjabi joint families, first cousins are considered siblings (cousin-sisters and cousin-brothers).
    • 2007, Deepa Venkataraman, "Brave Hearts,", Mumbai, 2 July:
      "I was just recovering from the death of my close cousin brother," says Patil.

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