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From Middle French cresserelle, crecerelle (bird of prey), derivative of crecelle (rattle, wooden reel) (modern crécelle), of obscure origin. Derivation from the assumed Vulgar Latin *crepicella, *crepitacillum, a diminutive of crepitāculum, from crepitāre (to crackle) is difficult to explain from a morphological point of view. Instead, possibly from a root *krek-, *krak- (to crack, rattle, creak, emit a bird cry), possibly from or related to Middle Dutch crāken (to creak, crack), from Old Dutch *krakōn (to crack, creak, emit a cry), from Proto-Germanic *krakōną (to emit a cry, shout), from Proto-Indo-European *gerg- (to shout). Cognate with Old High German krahhōn (to make a sound, crash), Old English cracian (to resound), Middle French craquer (used of birds, to emit a repeated cry).


crécerelle f (plural crécerelles)

  1. kestrel (any of various birds of prey)

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The term crécerelle is sometimes, but not always, translated into English as kestrel. Individual creatures may be translated as other names. See for more information on the individual names.

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